Vancouver Photowalks: Exploring And Improving My Photography Skills

Vancouver Photowalks |
Vancouver bound and love photography? Try out Vancouver Photowalks!

During a past trip to Vancouver, I took a “tour” with Vancouver Photowalks. It’s not your typical tour where a guide takes you around the city and shows you popular sites, Vancouver Photowalks is a cross between a walking tour and an outdoor photography class.

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To be honest it has been a while since I’ve dusted off my DSLR. I had never been that great at night photography and have been wanting to improve my photography skills. I have been wanting to learn how to take long exposure photos and light trails. So this tour with Vancouver Photowalks was a perfect opportunity to combine all.

I met up with Suzanne, the owner and one of the guides of Vancouver Photowalks, and another student. Suzanne doesn’t pack the classes so that people can get a bit more one on one time and personal instruction. We met up at Canada Place, took some photos there and then waited for the sky to darken more (oh those long nights in the north!!). We then our way towards Gastown and shot at 2 different spots, three all together. Not only was it fun but I was reminded how much fun shooting with a DSLR is.

Check out the photos I shot from the workshop:

Vancouver Photowalks |

Shooting at Canada Place

Vancouver Photowalks |

Vancouver Convention Centre At Night

Light Painting /Long Exposure - Vancouver Photowalks |

Writing My Name With Light or Light Painting (Suzanne light painted, I shot)

Gastown Long Exposure - Vancouver Photowalks |

Gastown Long Exposure Shot

Gastown Long Exposure - Vancouver Photowalks |

Black & White Gastown Long Exposure

Gastown Long Exposure - Vancouver Photowalks |

Long Exposure on Water Street in Gastown

I really enjoyed the class and I would definitely take more classes in the future. There is always room to improve skills and if photography is something you’re interested in, I highly recommend one of these workshops. Not only have I learned some new skills, I have awesome looking souvenirs from my last visit to Vancouver.

**Many thanks to Vancouver Photowalks for the complimentary tour. As always opinions stated are my own.**


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  • Love this tour idea! I’ve always struggled with night photography and I would love to take a class like this.

    • It was really fun. I’m not really that proficient with my DSLR anymore so it was good to dust it off and learn new tricks. She has other really great workshops and next time I’m home, I’m really keen on doing them. You should see if there are any local photography walks in the Bay. I’m sure there are some.

  • I’m not a big fan of photography, but the tour looks like fun. I’ve just started using a DSLR but it’s taken a while to get used to since there are so many more settings than a normal phone camera.

    • I guess you’ll have to start liking photography since you have a DSLR now! They provide an incredible image. I do love using them but they are heavy especially when you start to bring extra lenses along. I just got a new mirrorless b/c I broke my last one.

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