West Coast Road Trip Stop: Stopping In Petaluma, California

Muir Beach Overlook in Marin County

If you’ve been keeping up with my road trip posts, I was last in San Francisco. My next stop which was Petaluma, which wasn’t very far. It’s only about an hour away from San Francisco without traffic. The reason I stopped there was to visit and spend time with my friends Matt and Dalila. Every time I have gone to the Bay Area the past few years we have missed each other and same when they come down to LA. This time around I was passing through and they were in town so they invited me to spend a few days just to hang out. I wasn’t in a rush so I agreed and had the best time with them.

When I was getting ready to drive over, Matt suggested rather than take the 101 over to Petaluma, I take Highway 1 which starts after the Golden Gate Bridge and is the scenic route.  I’ll always try to take the scenic route. And every time I pass through the Bay Area and take the 101 I always stop to take a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. I usually stop at the Presidio Park side but this time, I decided to stop on the Marin side.

Check out my photos from the drive from SF to Petaluma:

MGolden Gate Bridge Marin Side

I wasn’t the only one who had this idea

Golden Gate Bridge

The view from the Marin side

Muir Beach Overlook

I stopped to check out the view at Muir Beach Overlook

Muir Beach Overlook

It’s worth the stop!

Marin County Stop

Another one

Muir Beach Overlook in Marin County

And another from another angle

Marin County

Rolling hills in Marin County

After taking the scenic route and stopping a handful of times for photos, I made it to Matt and Dalila’s place. I got there in time for us to head out for dinner. And shocking enough, I didn’t take photos (I don’t always document every second of my life haha) or any kind of notes. I just enjoyed wonderful company and conversation. I only drove through Petaluma quickly with my friends but it’s really cute there. It has a small town feel with a downtown area that looks like there are no big box businesses. I didn’t explore the town too much because I was trying to catch up on work and run a couple of errands while my friends were working. In the evening we went to a bowling fundraiser. Well…they bowled, I forgot my socks so I drank beer and cheered them on instead.

Petaluma Bowl A Vintage-style bowling alley

Petaluma Bowl


Matt and Dalila

My Petaluma pals Matt and Dalila

 I’m always happy to spend time with friends and especially with friends who I don’t get to see so often. I also enjoy stopping in random places that I would never pay attention to. I would definitely visit Petaluma again but next time add in some winery visits because Petaluma is officially in Sonoma County aka wine country.

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