Video: West Coast Road Trip Time Lapse

Hello friends! I wanted to share a post about my road trip from Los Angeles to Canada with you. I have been meaning to do something with the 4000+ photos of the drive I shot with my GoPro dash cam that I set up and I finally made a time-lapse with them. Better late than never right?!! If you didn’t catch my road trip, here’s my initial post here and another here.

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Here are some details of my road trip:

  • I left Los Angeles and drove along Highway 101 to San Jose, my first stop. I visited and stayed the night with my friends Cassie and Kevin from Ever In Transit. We talked travel all night and into the morning and then from there, I drove north to Crescent City just past the Redwood Forest and before the border of Oregon.
  • I was trying to find a decent place to stay that wasn’t going to be sketchy for this solo traveler but also affordable. I researched some hotels but 3-star hotels were going for about $100 and I didn’t want to stay in a motel. Luckily for me, there is a lady who has a bed and breakfast on Air Bnb named Julie. She had a ton of positive reviews. I stayed with her and she even provided breakfast of scrambled eggs (she has chickens) and toast. She also had coffee but I like my coffee to be about 5 times as strong so I picked some up from a cute little roadside drive-through coffee shop along the highway.
  • From Crescent City, I drove north along the coast. I stopped a lot to take photos so it took longer than it would normally. It was raining but once I got to Florence it was down pouring. I decided to cut over to the I-5 (interstate) and get to Portland sooner.
  • I stayed in Portland for two nights to see some friends.
  • From Portland, I then drove north to Canada. Seattle traffic is horrendous I have to say. I was on the highway with 6 accidents in a short span and was stuck in the slowest moving traffic I’ve experienced in ages (I live in southern California!!!). I was hoping to make it to the Skagit Valley Tulip festival to see the flowers. Luckily I caught a few shots before the sun went down. Darned traffic!!! At least I made it though!
  • From Skagit, I drove north to Canada. I turned off my GoPro once I got to the border. I assumed it wasn’t cool to be filming and the border agents might get huffy.

Here are some still shots I grabbed from driving over the Golden Gate Bridge:

GoPro Golden Gate Bridge GoPro Golden Gate Bridge

GoPro Golden Gate Bridge

GoPro Golden Gate Bridge

GoPro Golden Gate Bridge

GoPro Golden Gate Bridge

Some road trip tips:

Don’t push yourself to drive further and longer. If you’re tired, stop! I never drove more than 8 hours a day. A few years ago I did the same drive but up the coast further and was pulling in 12 hour days. Not this time. It’s too risky driving alone and being tired.

Eat healthy for energy. I didn’t eat fast food on the drive. I tried to eat healthy the whole way. I stopped at markets like Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I ate sushi along the highway in North Bend Oregon. In the late afternoon when I was feeling my energy levels dropped I picked up a green juice instead of another coffee. I found the greatest health food market in Eureka California called Eureka Natural Foods. A bit like a Whole Foods but in my opinion better because an independent market. I picked up healthy snacks and juice there along with a meal from the salad bar.

Details about the time-lapse:

I used my GoPro and bought a suction mount at my local camera shop. I stuck it on the window of my car and used the iPhone app to make sure the view was ideal. I set up the GoPro time-lapse function. I was not able to shoot the whole time so once the battery would die, I would charge it in my car using the Belkin 2 Port Car Charger so I could keep my phone charged and charge the GoPro’s battery. I have seen people who drill a hole in the casing so they can charge it the whole time but I plan to take my GoPro in the water and didn’t have an extra housing for it. To edit this video and put it together, I used the free GoPro software. It’s pretty easy to use and I think my time-lapse turned out pretty decent.

AND the video:

What do you think of my video? Have you ever made a time-lapse video? Any road trip tips or time-lapse video tips to share?

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**Disclaimer: Thank you to GoPro for the camera. All other items were purchased by me. All opinions, of course, are my own. The links above are affiliate links where I earn a small percentage of purchases made which help fund the cost of running this blog .**

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