Whistler Photo Diary: Photos And A Video From Whistler, Canada

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Here is my Whistler photo diary from a visit I did back in 2013. Whistler and Blackcomb should be opening real soon and I am hoping I can get back there to get some snowboarding in!!

When I was at the Bearfoot Bistro, besides going into their Vodka Ice Room, they also invited me down to their amazing wine cellar.

Bearfoot Bistro Cellar - Whistler Photo Diary

Bearfoot Bistro Cellar

Owner Andre Saint-Jacques was a Guinness World Record holder for champagne sabering which is when you lop off the top of a champagne bottle with a sword. We were taught how to saber in the cellar and below is a video edit made on my iPhone. I was a bit worried since I am accident prone and horrible with knives but I did a decent job.

I’m a sabering natural!



The last morning I was in Whistler I was invited by Superfly Ziplines for an experience. I had never ziplined before and was a bit nervous. I am not totally afraid of heights but I am a bit squeamish when I’m doing something for the first time.

Here’s a GoPro video edit I made

Here are some great scenery stills from my GoPro which I attached to a Xshot extender:

Superfly Ziplines Whistler

Superfly Gear Shed

Superfly Ziplines Guides

My awesome zipline guides

WhistlerUsing my X shot Extender

WhistlerOh you know…hanging out on the highest zipline in Canada at 639 feet in the air


One of my fellow zippers


Highest zipline in Canada, thank you very much!

Pretty stoked to have tried ziplining. I would never have imagined that I would like it. I don’t like heights much but the harnesses and guides at Superfly made me feel secure and safe. I’m totally into it and will definitely be ziplining every time I get a chance!

Jai and I went over to Nita Lake Lodge to have some lunch one day and though the weather was gray Nita Lake still looked gorgeous.

WhistlerNita Lake


Inside is a fantastic eatery called Fix Cafe. Even if you don’t stay there call up the hotel and have their driver Cowboy Glen pick you up in the Village. It’s totally worth the drive over to Whistler Creekside.


Faro salad at Fix Cafe. It was tasty!

Cafe Fix At Nita Lake Lodge

A very tasty roast beef sandwich and I don’t care much for roast beef sandwiches

WhistlerI I

I would drive up to Whistler from Vancouver just for this little pecan tartlet


Gluten free cookies that were delicious and not cardboard

My friends and I went to the popular Sushi Village for dinner our first night. I’m pretty particular about where and what kind of sushi I eat. I know, I know! I am a food jerk! I like nigiri or sashimi and don’t really go for crazy creative rolls. The idea of cream cheese on fish weirds me out just like pineapple on pizza. But I do love fun times and when in Whistler, Sushi Village is a guaranteed fun time with a group of friends.


We may have ordered a couple orders of the spicy agedashi tofu!


Sake margaritas? Kind of blasphemous but oh so tasty.

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**Disclosure: Many thanks to Whistler Tourism for their support with this visit. As always, all opinions are my own.



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