Using ZipLoc Bags For Travel

Ziploc for travel |

Here is a travel tip I want to share that isn’t really new or mind-blowing: Use and pack extra Ziploc bags when you travel.

We all use them to keep travel toiletries ready for the security process but they also keep your carry on from liquid spillage. I always carry extra to separate things and stay organized within my bags.

Ziploc for travel |

I use freezer, sandwich, and snack bags for my trips and bring a bunch

Here are some of the ways I have used Ziploc bags for traveling:

  • I throw my wet bikini in there for times I have been on the beach and have to run off to my next destination.
  • I use the snack packs sized Ziplocs to keep necklaces and other jewelry from getting tied up with each other.
  • I keep bottles inside Ziplocs within my toiletry kit to avoid more spillage. I’ve learned my lesson because I have arrived in countless locations only to find a ton of lotion or other beauty products all over my bag.
  • store small gadgets and electronics like Olloclips and my GoPro and accessories
  • coffee kit if you bring coffee and accessories for the road
  • ice pack for when I get injured or for keeping food items¬†cold
  • foreign currency holder – especially coins

Ziploc for travel |

Have you tried space bags for travel?

Do you use Ziplocs or resealable bags for traveling?

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