If you are wondering what to pack for your Vancouver trip, you’re in luck! Not only am I originally from there, I actually pack for Vancouver when I travel to go home and see my family and friends. I am not just a blogger writing about popular topics. It was about time I share a Vancouver packing list with recommendations of what to bring and wear for your trip to my hometown.  One bit of advice I would give you is to look at the weather forecast. If it doesn’t

Are you planning a Madrid weekend? Over the last three years, I have spent around 9 months in Madrid because my brother and sister-in-law moved there. Many friends travelling through Europe and to Spain have asked me for travel tips and recommendations, so I am finally sharing this guide on my blog! Here are my top recommendations for the best ever Madrid weekend or 48 hours in the Spanish capital.  Jump To My Trip Planning Guide And Tips Now for the perfect Madrid weekend itinerary! Madrid Weekend – Day 1

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