Hello there! I am sure you have come to this page to find out a little bit about who Arnette aka Round The World Girl is!!

My name is Arnette Stricker and I am the original Round The World Girl. I’m a solo female traveler born in the Philippines, raised in Canada, and now living in sunny San Diego. I guess you can say that I love unforgettable experiences and delicious food yet like to get the most value for my money when it comes to traveling and life in general. I’m not a budget backpacker nor am I a millionaire. I’m what you call a real traveler or your average human. I can never resist a seat sale or a bargain just like everyone else but I splurge big and treat myself in order to have an incredible experience. I’ll eat everything from street food to Michelin-starred meals. I love to partake in activities that will provide lifelong memories that I can share with friends and family. I LIVE FOR EXPERIENCES.

Koh Phi Phi Thailand | www.rtwgirl.com
The Koh Phi Phi viewpoint in Thailand enjoying a sunset during my RTW trip

How did you get the name Round The World Girl??

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After going through a life-changing experience in 2009, I decided to take a career break in 2010. I sold most of my things, minimized, and put things in storage. Then I left for my round the world trip in early 2011 that would end up taking me through 19 countries in 19 months. Originally I had only planned 10 months but after losing my mother to pancreatic cancer in the middle of my trip, I decided to keep traveling. When I returned from traveling, I decided not to go back to cubicle life. My (now late) father was elderly and I wanted to have a flexible schedule to have more time to visit him as well as travel more.

Blow holes in San Sebastian

In San Sebastian, Spain at Peine del Viento during my RTW trip

Prior to my trip, I worked in the sports and fashion industries working with different brands and publications. I was a trend forecaster for companies like Vice, opened fashion retail shops in Canada, produced special events and parties for companies like Nike and different magazines. I am now living in northern San Diego and I work freelance doing everything from social media and marketing consulting, and brand strategy. I consider this blog a part-time job and more of what I am passionate about. 

Arnette in Chefchaouen Morocco | www.rtwgirl.com

In Chefchaouen, Morocco in September 2016

Prior to setting off for my round the world trip, I decided not to have a blog. Many people suggested I have one but I decided against it. I really wanted to experience life on the road without constantly worrying about documenting everything. I shot thousands of photos and wrote some notes here and there but I used my time to immerse myself in my local surroundings and really unplug. As someone who blogs about travel now, I know how much it changes everything. I am so happy to have really experienced life without being constantly on my phone. 

Dusseldorf Karneval 2015
On the Visit Dusseldorf float during Karneval on an Air Berlin press trip 
When I returned from my trip, family and friends would often ask for recommendations about places I traveled. I have always been that person who leaves reviews and shares tips. I started this blog as a permanent place to share not only my findings and personal experiences but anything else I think may be useful to others for their travels and life. I am also trying to incorporate more about my non-travel life since I’m not on the road so much.

Mountain Man Adventures Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding in British Columbia, Canada

I hope that my blog is helpful and inspires you to travel more whether it be across the world or just within your local area. Please enjoy and come back often! And don’t forget to say hello by messaging me here !!!