Aeropress For Travel | Why This Coffee Maker Is Perfect For Travelers

Coffee Maker For Travel
Have you ever heard of Aeropress?

Aeropress is a coffee maker that is easy to use and makes a really smooth and tasty cup of coffee. You can make Americanos or even espresso style coffee. There’s a filter so there is no sludge or grounds in your cup like coffee from a French press. Cleaning is very simple. Unlike something like a Keurig or Nespresso, there’s very little waste. For those of you wondering, Aeropress is also BPA free and made in the USA.

Aeropress Coffee For Travel

Aeropress in its box




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You could say I’m a bit of a coffee lover. Without coffee in the morning, I can barely function. There have been times when I was travelling and had bad or weak coffee and it honestly ruins my day. This sounds crazy but I know other coffee drinkers who feel the same. Finding local roasters and good coffee shops is one of the first things I do when I plan my trips. But what do you do when there are no options? Well…that’s when Aeropress comes in handy!

I have frequented a fair share of cafes where they serve Aeropress coffee. The coffee has always tasted great. I’ve contemplated getting one before but was always satisfied with my simple drip cone set up at home. Recently I went on a road trip to NE Georgia where there weren’t going to be any good coffee shops along the way. Trust me….I researched heavily.

My only options for coffee were hotel coffee or a Keurig. Both options suck. I hate Keurig machines and refuse to use them due to how bad they are for the environment. Lucky for me Aeropress sent one over for review and I took it along on my trip. The only thing I needed was access to a kettle, microwave and/or hot water.


What comes inside the box

Coffee Maker For Travel

Making coffee!!


I bought a dark roast from Revolution Roaster in Northern San Diego


Mmmm beans!

Porlex Grinder

Beans about to get ground in my Porlex handmill


Tada! Ground coffee!

Aeropress - Coffee Maker For Travel

The paper filter

Coffee Maker For Travel

Grounds ready to brew!

Coffee Maker For Travel

Pour hot water over the grounds and let it brew!


Coffee is ready! Plunge time!

Coffee Maker For Travel


Aeropress - Coffee Maker For Travel

I add a tiny bit of water!

And that is how to make coffee with an Aeropress. If you have really good beans that are freshly roasted, you don’t even need to add any sweetener or cream/milk. Really good coffee can be drunk black!!

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Aeropress: The Best Coffee Maker For Travel
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