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While I was cleaning my old Euro hard drive, I came across some great photos of when I was in Amsterdam. I don’t talk much about my time in Europe from my round the world trip, but I did enjoy my travels there. In Amsterdam, my friend Mattijs (pronounced Ma-tesh) hosted me. We met in Bali on my first visit there. While I was in Amsterdam, one of the memories that stand out was him taking me for kroketten.

What is kroketten? 

Kroketten is the Dutch word for a croquette. Kroketten or a croquette is a small ball of food that is rolled up, covered in breadcrumbs, and then fried. The filling is usually mashed potatoes with ground meat or seafood, cheese, vegetables, and then mixed with a béchamel or brown sauce. Many countries have a version of this.




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Mattijs took me to a place called Holtkamp, a patisserie around the corner from his place. They are famous for their pastries and sweets as well as their kroketten. After he brought me there the first time, I returned on my own to have a savory snack of a veal or shrimp croquette and then scoot off to explore Amsterdam.

Holtkamp Kroketten

These krokettens are the bomb!

If you are in Amsterdam and love trying local food, go to Holtkamp and have one or a few. I can’t remember the price for one but I am sure only a couple of Euros. It’s a great snack to take on the road until you find stands for oliebollen, poffertjes, and other delicious Dutch street food. Oh boy…those Dutch know how to take care of munchies!


Vijzelgracht 15
1017 HM Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 624 8757


Holtkamp Kroketten

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