What To Eat When You Are In Bali

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Heading to Bali? You’re in luck! Here’s a Bali food guide! 

Food is a major part of my travels and since I stayed in Bali for four months, I was able to try a wide variety of food. I don’t consider myself a foodie, I just like to eat. A lot. I am not a food snob either. I love to eat street food with an occasional splurge at a nice restaurant. Below is a small sampling of Bali food that I ate while on the Island of the Gods.


Bali Food: What To Eat When You Visit Bali | www.rtwgirl.com

Bali food recommendation #1 – Nasi campur

Nasi campur (pronounced na zee cham poor) is a mixed rice dish with everything but it varies depending on where you are. This particular dish seen had chicken, vegetables, tempeh, krupuk (shrimp chip), hard and a boiled egg plus spicy sambal (chili based hot sauce).

Nasi Campur - Bali Food

Photo credit: Herman Saksono

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Bali food recommendation #2 – Mie goreng

Mie goreng or fried noodles is a staple dish. You can order it vegetarian if you like without chicken. Depending on the place there is often a fried egg on top.

Mie Goreng with Fried Egg - - Bali Food

Photo credit: avlxyz

Bali food recommendation #3 – Beef rendang

Beef rendang is one of my favorite dishes. It’s actually from the island of Sumatra but I ate it all the time in Bali. It’s beef that has a lot of spices and caramelized in a coconut curry sauce. It’s so good! The last place I had a good beef rendang was a restaurant called Biku in Pettitenget near the W Hotel and Spa and Potato Head Beach Bar.

Beef rendang - Bali Food

Bali food recommendation #4 – Nasi Bungkus

Below is nasi bungkus which means wrapped rice. It’s a banana leaf filled with food inside that I would buy from a street vendor near the beach regularly. They are then wrapped with either newspaper or brown craft paper. Most Balinese eat with their hands but the vendors would often give us a plastIc spoon or fork to eat it with. It can be filled with anything really. Inside my favorite was noodles, yellow rice (harder to find, usually white), omelet and sambal. Pretty simple and oh so yummy. This cost me $0.50.

Nasi Lemak Bungkus - Bali Food

Photo courtesy of Rahmawati

Bali food recommendation #5 – Bakso 

This is bakso or Indonesian meatballs which are similar to Chinese beef balls. It is usually served with soup and clear vermicelli noodles and some veggies. I got this from a street cart on the way to a wedding up north with my Balinese friends. It cost less than a dollar as well.

Bakso - Bali Food

Bali food recommendation #6 – Satay

And of course, the very well-known satay, which originated in Java, is seasoned skewered grilled meat on sticks with an accompanying sauce, usually peanut in Indonesia. Who doesn’t love barbecued meat? I love meat on sticks!

satay - Bali Food

Bali food recommendation #7 – Babi Guling

Pictured below was food that I ate at my friend’s wedding in her village in the north of Bali. It was a very simple affair. The food seen here is some babi guling (roast suckling pig), beans, water spinach, a hard-boiled egg, krupuk (shrimp chip).

The best place for babi guling is at Ibu Oka in Ubud. There are loads of different places you can try it but this is supposed to the best.

Putu's wedding - Bali Food

Restaurants and eateries I recommend:

Warung Yogya – a place that I frequented a lot. It is in Legian near Jalan Padma Utara. It is probably my favorite warung, or family owned cafe, to eat at. Almost everything is under $2 US and it is one of the cleanest warungs I have seen. The bathroom is even clean!! It is also filled with locals as well as travelers, a very good sign.

Biku – this restaurant in Petitenget was a discovery late in my stay in Bali. It’s across the road from Potato Head Beach Club. It’s a tea house that serves both Western and Indonesian food and I’m a huge fan. Went here several times in my last few weeks.

Bumbu Bali – Bumbu is a cooking school and restaurant in Ubud. A local driver brought me here for lunch. The food was spectacular and had I spent more time in Ubud, I’d eat here over and over. I’d also love to take a cooking class here.

What are your Bali food favorites? Please share in the comments! 

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