BC Ferries: A Photo Gallery Of A Beautiful Ferry Tale

BC Ferries Tsawwassen Terminal

Before my recent trips to Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, it had been a while since I traveled on BC Ferries. One of the things that I enjoy about venturing over to the Coast or Island is the scenery on the ride over. Locals, including myself, mutter about riding BC Ferries due to the price of bringing on a car but I can’t help but love the experience.

Growing up in British Columbia and riding the ferry in the past, I would stay asleep in the car or spend the entire ride gorging in the ferry’s buffet. It wasn’t until my last few trips over that I had a greater appreciation of the ride. Being based in Los Angeles I don’t get to ride boats too often so now when I come home, I’m more appreciative of something as simple as riding a ferry.

No matter what time of year the scenery is beautiful, even on gray, rainy Pacific Northwest days. Perhaps now as a travel blogger, I pay attention to the details of travel. Nothing beats (weather permitting) sitting on the top of the ferry, sailing past the Gulf Islands, and daydreaming about living a simple life on them. I have even had a couple of orca sitings on my last trips over to the Island.

Here are a handful of photos that I shot in the last few trips with BC Ferries:

BC Ferries

Top Hat

Sunshine Coast Bound

Top Deck

BC Ferries to Victoria

Schwartz Bay terminal – heading to Vancouver Island

Horseshoe Bay Terminal

Misty morning West Vancouver at Horseshoe Bay – Heading the coast

BC Ferries

Pretty beautiful even though so gray

Sailing Through Active Pass

Beautiful Ride On BC Ferries

Sailing Through Active Pass

Active Pass BC

A sunset in Active Pass

Active Pass BC

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