Vodka Tasting At Bearfoot Bistro’s Ice Room In Whistler, Canada

Vodka Tasting Bearfoot Bistro Vodka Ice Room
Have you ever been in an ice room??

Bearfoot Bistro invited me to be part of a super fun experience on my trip to Whistler. Check out some of the photos the ice room and the video edit that I made of it below.

Bearfoot Bistro's Belvedere Ice Room

Bearfoot Bistro Vodka Ice Room

Belvedere Ice Room

Inside the ice room. It’s ice cold!

Midway through our dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro we went down to the ice room and were outfitted with a Canada Goose Expedition parka before we entered. You know it’s cold when you’re throwing one of these on! These are the jackets that expeditioners going to the North Pole or Antarctica or Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated wear. Ha! Bearfoot Bistro’s ice room is the coldest ice room in the world with temperatures down to -25F or (-32C).

Canada Goose Bearfoot Bistro

Thank goodness for Canada Goose jackets! I was freezing! See my hands in the video.

In the ice room, we sampled a handful of vodkas from around the world. They also pulled out the 4 man “shot ski”. Watch the video below till the end and you’ll see exactly what this is and how my height is not an advantage to this sport!

Vodka Tasting

Our vodka guide :)


Shots! Shots! Shots!

**Disclosure: Many thanks to Whistler Tourism and the Bearfoot Bistro Restaurant for this experience. I’d also like to thank GoPro for the Hero 3 which I used to make this edit.  As always all opinions are my own.**

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