Beautyblender: Is This Makeup Applicator Worth The Hype And Money?

Beautyblender: Is This Makeup Applicator Worth The Hype And Money? |

Beautyblender…Do You Own One? Do You Care?

For a long time, I would say the brand Beautyblender in Sephora. I saw Youtubers and makeup folk on Instagram sponging away their faces. I finally went into a store to see it in person and I couldn’t believe this sponge was about $20. Was it really worth it? I didn’t think so.




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Being the budget-minded person I am, I went on to buy different blender applicators from different brands and stores. I thought there’s no way something like that was worth $20. So I bought one by ELF at Target for about $6. Then I went on to buy one by Real Techniques at Ulta for around $5. I also bought a 2 pack at Primark in Madrid for 2€. I could not understand why people loved them so much. 

Beautyblender: Is This Makeup Applicator Worth The Hype And Money? |
Just a sampling of the makeup applicators I have bought in the last year 
Then, of course, I texted my beauty guru, Danielle from Style and Beauty Doctor. Danielle will tell me the truth if I ask her about anything beauty related. She said it was worth the hype and to go out and buy one. So then I bought one and started watching videos on Youtube on how to use them.

I didn’t realize this before but the key is to saturate the Beautyblender with water and then squeeze out excess water. This prevents your foundation or product to be soaked up by the applicator. The Beautyblender puffs up (shown below) when it’s been saturated and when it dries it goes back down in size. After each use, it’s also recommended to be washed and air dried. 

The other applicators I bought are denser and the application is not the same. If I hadn’t bought so many blender applicators and wasted my money on them, I wouldn’t be here writing this post talking about my love of the Beautyblender

Beautyblender: Is This Makeup Applicator Worth The Hype And Money? |
Side by side comparison of when the Beautyblender is saturated with water

I have a lot of makeup brushes. I have a foundation brush, a stippler, an airbrush foundation brush, you name it, I probably have it. But this is the first time I don’t see makeup on my face yet I have foundation coverage to even out my skin tone and make my skin look a better version of itself. I am definitely a fan and it’s so much more convenient for travel than big brushes!

Let me know in the comments if you use Beautyblender or what you use?

To buy the Beautyblender at

To buy the Beautyblender on


Beauty Blender: Is This Makeup Applicator Worth The Hype And Money? |

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