Hello From The Big Apple!

Brooklyn Bridge at night

It’s so rare that I post from a destination when I’m here but I wanted to send out a little update and say that if I’m a little bit MIA on the blog, head over to my social media and you can follow along on my travel adventures in the Big Apple.

I am currently in New York City exploring, seeing friends, and getting inspired. I feel weird if I don’t come here at least once a year. There is something about the city that I love so much…I love walking around exploring neighborhoods, people watching, and eating.

I got here a few days ago and took a red eye over here. I landed quite early like 6 am styles early. I usually take a cab or car into town but thought I’d try out a budget option.

Getting into city from JFK – LIRR & Subway Option

  • Coming out of the terminal at JFK I took the Air Train to Jamaica Station. To exit the station costs $5 + $1 for a new Metrocard. I had an old card but didn’t know they expire.
  • I thought I was going to take the subway but it was going to take over an hour so I took the Long Island Railroad instead which $9.50. It took me from Jamaica Air Train Station to Penn Station.
  • From Penn Station, I needed to get to Chinatown so I walked a couple of blocks to Herald Square Station to take the B train south. I had a rolling carry-on bag and a backpack so it was easy to manage and it was pretty early still so the trains weren’t packed yet.
  • Overall it was less than an hour and cost me under $20 to get into the city. Hooray! I would have taken an Uber but it costs $60 for the flat fee from JFK.


I got Metrocard for the week

More Big Apple Vibes:

I love walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. I love people watching and commuter watching. My only gripe here is that people don’t stay aware of the traffic be it angry cyclists and others walking. I know you want the shot but stay aware folks!

Brooklyn Bridge at night - A Big Apple Hello | www.rtwgirl.com

BK Bridge just after sunset

Katz Deli NYC

I love walking around the city and just shooting photos of iconic things

And of course, all I do is eat in this town. I’ll have to do a roundup and update of my old blog post for favorite eats and treats in the city! Click here for my food favorites from last year.

I had to do it. Clinton Street Baking Company for the pancakes. Walked around LES while we waited for our table. I’m not even a pancake person and I ordered them.

Clinton Street Baking Company NYC

Yes, the pancakes were fluffy and tasty!

I’m currently staying in Chinatown and love the close proximately to good coffee. There’s a coffee shop run by Aussies and one by Kiwis. Those southern hemisphere folks know how to churn out a great cup I tell ya. I hope they invade Los Angeles soon…or perhaps I found my newest calling.

Two Hands NYC

I live for avocado toast. Add an egg and I’m stoked.  A flat white too! Stellar! Two Hands NYC

Happy Bones NYC

Happy Bones, a cafe run by Kiwis. Flat white once again!

And here is some more Big Apple inspiration for you! Perfect for you Pinterest-ers!

New York City Is Always A Good Idea Travel Quote

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