Last month (Feb 2015) I was in Düsseldorf to experience Karneval courtesy of Air Berlin (RIP). While I was there, besides taking part in the celebrations, I managed to explore the city. Before I flew out I did some research about what I wanted to do and now with the trip behind me, I thought I would share the things I enjoyed. Düsseldorf doesn’t get a lot of love compared to other German cities like Berlin or even neighbouring Cologne, but I am now a fan. If you visit hopefully

Regardless of your budget, it’s always awesome finding free things to do when you travel. Why wouldn’t you want to save some money and apply those said savings say to some sangria or cañas instead? Over the last few years, I have been spending quite a bit of time in Madrid since my brother and his wife moved there from Canada. Since I spend a few months in the Spanish capital every year, I thought I would share my favourite free Madrid things to do! Read more: The Best Itinerary

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