Need simple accommodations in Auckland?!  For a one-night stay in Auckland when I first arrived in New Zealand, I made a reservation for the Auckland City Lodge. It was walking distance to eateries, tourist sites, and had pretty good reviews online. A room at the time cost $50 NZ Dollars which at the time for me would have been about $40 odd US dollars. I had never stayed in a hostel before my round the world trip so I thought I would start off easy and stay in a private room in a

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Here are some Auckland travel tips! After a long flight from Los Angeles and a layover in Fiji on my round the world trip, I finally arrived in New Zealand. It was the first of 19 countries on my RTW trip. Guidebooks are not my thing but I do a lot of internet research before I get to a new place. Seamless and stress-free travel is so important to me, so before I arrive I always research how to get into town from the airport.

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