Another common question I get asked is “What is the one tech item or gadget you can’t travel without?”. Hands down my iPhone (any model applies). I have a love-hate relationship mobile phones, but during my travels, it was all love. It’s a phone, it’s a mini computer, a fantastic camera. If I had to pare down and only take one tech item or gadget, this would be it. As much as I hate my mobile phone sometimes, it was my command center. I was a Blackberry person prior to my

One of the most common questions I am asked about my trip is, “What did you pack?”. It’s hard to pack your whole life into one bag for a month, let alone 19 months. Many travellers who take an RTW trip tend to stay in one region with one climate. Nope, not me. I originally planned to follow the sun but went to Australia and New Zealand in the summer, SE Asia which is pretty hot all the time and ended up in Europe in the dead of winter. One of my

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