Many of my friends come to Los Angeles for work or pleasure and will often ask me what to do. Of course, there are the typical tourist suggestions for visiting museums, the beach, eating tacos, at food trucks or in Koreatown, etc. But one of my favourite things to do when friends visit is to take them to experience a healthy Los Angeles. What do I mean exactly? When my friends visit I will take them on hikes with views and eat delicious healthy meals without it seeming like a

Planning A Palm Springs Weekend?? Over the years, Palm Springs has become a very popular destination with festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach as well as properties like the Ace Hotel opening up. The desert is one of my favourite places in Southern California and I make any excuse to get out there. In 2014, I went to Palm Springs with my two best friends for a fun weekend slash birthday celebration and I went last summer (2018) and this summer (2019) with my boyfriend who visited from Spain.   **********

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