Blossom Cup: Why Menstrual Cups Are A Travel Must

Blossom Cup: Why Menstrual Cups Are A Travel Must |

Warning! This post isn’t for everyone. This post is actually for my lovely lady readers. I am going to talk about menstrual periods, travelling, and menstrual cups. Sorry guys…but you can move along now. Ladies, listen up if you are ready for a life changer. I know I sound crazy but I can’t believe I waited this long to change over to a menstrual cup. I don’t enjoy having my period (who does?), let alone have my period while I am travelling. Having to worry about finding feminine products on the road can be challenging and then add getting cramps, cravings, and mood swings. Periods are a pain, whether you’re at home or on a trip. Recently things in my world changed because I bought a Blossom Cup. Some of you may be surprised why I took this long and some of you may wonder what the hell that is. Keep reading!!

**Blossom Cup update: 2 years later I have had to replace my cup because the tip broke off. I purchased the original one and replaced the original (read: not sponsored). I have been completely happy with my Blossom Cup and the savings (roughly $200) from not buying tampons is amazing. I can’t go back!!** 



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Having to deal with my period while travelling can be a nightmare. Finding feminine products in other countries and having cramps or my hormones going haywire while on the road is not fun. I recall having translation issues and finding the right size while shopping for tampons in Germany or making my poor late father buy and bring a Costco-sized box of tampons to the Philippines where finding tampons is tough. I happen to have a heavy flow so worrying about leakage is also an issue when I’m out all day. Periods suck, period.

What is the Blossom Cup?

Blossom Cup |

Definition from Wiki:

A menstrual cup is a type of feminine hygiene product which is usually made of medical grade silicone, shaped like a bell and is flexible. It is worn inside the vagina during menstruation to catch menstrual fluid (blood).

A little TMI here but…whatever! I have had my period since I was 12 years old and have been using pads and tampons since. That is a long time. Not only has it been a long time but a lot of money spent on feminine hygiene products. I’ve been thinking about using a menstrual cup since I first started hearing about them from female travel bloggers but never switched over for whatever reason.

What made me switch finally? While planning my road trip to and around Morocco which was going to include an overnight in the Sahara Desert, I realized that my period was going to be coming around then. I wasn’t sure exactly when my period was coming but the idea of having to camp in the desert, ride a camel and use squat toilets at rest stops whilst on my period just spelled disaster. I thought that if a menstrual cup worked out it was a better option than having to change tampons several times a day during my road trip.

I had read about several brands of menstrual cups from different bloggers as well as seeing them in stores and pharmacies. I read many online reviews for all the different brands as well. The most popular ones were by Diva Cup, Lunette Cup, and Moon Cup. While shopping on, I came across another brand called Blossom Cup. It had tons of positive reviews on top of having several different colour options and a lower price point than the other cups. I took a gamble and decided to go with Blossom Cup.

When it came, I didn’t have my period yet but I decided to test it out. I read online that it was good to practice since everyone’s body is different and there are several “folds” or ways to insert it. I practiced and within a few tries, I got it. I packed it up in my suitcase for my trip along with some leftover feminine products from my last cycle. I figured it may not work so I might as well have some backup.

Luckily for me, my period came well before my Morocco trip. I got it shortly after I arrived in Spain. Everything worked out without any major hitches while using my new Blossom Cup for the first time. I only had a minor issue where my cup was full and the cup leaked a little because I didn’t make a full seal. Reading many reviews online, others have said that they can go for most of the day without having to empty their cup. On my heavy day, I noticed that my cup was fuller faster. Since I have quite a heavy flow and usually use several “super” tampons, I would recommend emptying the cup a few times to avoid any mishaps if you’re going out. If you’re a bit unsure the first few times you use one, use a pantyliner for added reassurance.

Using my Blossom Cup and having completed a menstrual cycle with it, I will say that I don’t see myself ever going back to using other feminine hygiene products again. Besides not having to worry about changing out a tampon several times a day, the cost savings is probably the biggest thing for me. I would say over the course of the year I easily spend $100 or more in products. Blossom Cups as stated on their website with proper care, can last up to 10 years. That’s potential cost savings of $1000. My Blossom Cup cost me $16.95 US! Another advantage of the Blossom Cup is not having to run out to go to the pharmacy or store every time you run out of supplies. The benefit to the environment is also a plus for me. Over the years, think about all the packaging and waste from using tampons and pads that go to the landfills. Yay Blossom Cup!

Blossom Cup: Why Menstrual Cups Are A Travel Must |

And if are still hesitant, I think what helped push me to buy the Blossom Cup was the price. I figured…if I didn’t like it or it didn’t work, it was only $17. I know that other menstrual cups cost up to $40. I have wasted much more than $17 on things like clothes or a horrible meal. $17 is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. Blossom Cup also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, so if you’re not happy, you can contact the company for a refund.

Because Blossom Cup is awesome, they have teamed up with me to give away not just 1 but 3 menstrual cups for my readers!!! How awesome are they! So awesome! So if you’re on the fence and wanting to give it a try, here is your chance!

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If you don’t want to wait to see if you’re going to win a Blossom Cup, you can click here to buy one and use the code “CUPSHARE” to get 10% off.

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