Boracay, Philippines: Travel Inspiration And Helpful Tips

White Beach Boracay Philippines

A travel mate of mine who I met in Bali asked me for some details about the Philippines, Boracay specifically. I figured I would make a little travel inspiration post to get us dreaming of paradise! I didn’t edit any of the photos included, just so you know. Yes, it’s really that gorgeous there! Head down to the bottom of this post for some helpful tips.

Boracay is a little tiny island in the Philippines located south of Manila in the Visayas province. It is probably the most popular tourist destination in the country. Its white sand beach known as White Beach has consistently landed in the best beaches in the world lists. I have to agree with the ratings. Although it is a bit too touristy for my tastes these days, it is still an absolutely stunning beach. The sand on the beaches is as white as white icing sugar and just as fine. Unlike many beaches in Asia, you cannot smoke on the beach and there are fines for littering. It is really a beautiful place. And I will add that the people of the Philippines are some of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet while you travel.

Now for the visuals:

Paradise Boracay Philippines

Paradise sky

Paraw boats BORACAY

Paraw boats

White Beach Boracay Philippines

White Beach

Lookout Mount Luho BORACAY

Take a tricycle to Mount Luho, a lookout point


Heading to Ariel’s Point to go cliff jumping

Puka Beach BORACAY

Puka Beach

Puka Beach BORACAY

More Puka Beach

Clear Waters of Boracay

Look how clear the water is!!

Paradise Philippines BORACAY

The bangka boats waiting to take you on an adventure


Sailing towards Ariel’s Point

Ariel's Point Cliff Jumping BORACAY

Ariel’s Point Cliff Jumping


Jump jump!!

Helpful Boracay Tips:
  • In order to get to Boracay, you must take a small plane with very light luggage (strict weight rules) to Caticlan airport from Manila or to Kalibo Airport, which is a few hours away and then get on a bus or van.
  • From Caticlan, take a pump boat to Boracay
  • From the dock hire a tricycle (the Philippine version of a tuk-tuk) to take you to your accommodation.
  • It’s a bit of a crazy gong show just to get there but once you get there, it’s worth it. Just get a San Miguel Light or a Tanduay rum with Coke and absorb paradise.
  • Boracay is only about 1 km wide by 7 km long
  • Boracay is divided into 3 stations. Station 1 is high end accommodations, Station 2 is mid range, and Station 3 is budget accommodations
  • I suggest hiring a tricycle and spending the day at Puka Beach which is on a different part of the island. My friends and I picked up snacks and brought our backpacks, cameras, cover ups, iPods, and books/magazines for the day. It cost us about 150 PHP or $3 for a tricycle there. The beach is quieter. The sand is not as fine, it’s actually really grainy from all of the puka shells but it’s amazing. We went in the morning, swam, some snorkeled and then we would grab food at one of the three restaurants at the beach. The beer here was cheaper than on the White Beach side!
  • Watch the sun set every night. I have as well as others I know have seen some of the best sunsets ever on Boracay.
  • There is no smoking and a fine for doing so on White Beach which is amazing. It keeps the beach clean and free of cigarette butts. There is also a fine for littering.
  • I stayed in a cheap guest house when I was there for my RTW trip. I probably wouldn’t stay there again in the future but if you’re a solo traveler, it’s a great place to meet people. Everyone congregates in the foyer and you all end up hanging out together to eat, explore and party.

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