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Gili Islands: A Guide To the Gili Islands in Indonesia + A Photo Diary

Planning a trip to Bali? Add a side trip to the Gili Islands! Two days after arriving in Bali, a gal named Martie who was staying at The Island Hotel

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Bahasa: Words And Phrases For Your Trip To Bali

Heading to Bali soon? Learn some Bahasa words & phrases for your trip! I think it’s pretty vital to learn a few basic words and phrases when you travel to a foreign

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What To Eat When You Are In Bali

Heading to Bali? You’re in luck! Here’s a Bali food guide!  Food is a major part of my travels and since I stayed in Bali for four months, I was

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Surfing Bali: Why You Should Hire A Surf Guide When You Visit Bali

Planning on surfing Bali? See below why it is a good idea! Am I a surfer? Not really. I suck. I only put an effort into learning how to surf

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