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Thailand Photos: 30 Photos From Thailand To Get You Inspired For Your Trip

A friend of mine is heading to Thailand and it got me thinking about when I was there on my round the world trip. I haven’t shared a lot about Thailand

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Phuket: Top 10 Things To Do In 72 Hours

Traveling to Phuket? If you’re planning a trip to Thailand going to Phuket, here are some activities that I recommend. I went three years ago with the sole purpose of surfing

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Phang Nga Bay Day: A Must Do When Visiting Thailand

Put Phang Nga Bay On Your Must Do For Thailand!  While I was visiting a friend in Phuket (2014), we went out sailing around Phang Nga Bay. I wanted to

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Phuket: Visiting Old Town Is A Must!

Planning to visit Phuket? Make sure to visit Phuket Old Town! For my second trip to Phuket, my opinion changed of this popular Thailand destination. I was spending time with

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