Going Up!! Toronto’s CN Tower

CN Tower Toronto
Heading to Toronto? If you love views, a visit to the CN Tower is a must! 

I used to only travel to Toronto on business trips. While I was living in Montreal and working at Vice Magazine, I would visit for 2 or 3 days, work, see a few friends, and then head back. I never explored the city and I had never gone up the CN Tower. As luck would have it, the conference that I attended gave all the attendees passes to go up the tower. I was determined to see more of North America’s 4th most populous city so I went up right after the conference ended.

If you are not familiar with the CN Tower, here is a little breakdown:

The building is named after the Canadian National, which was the railway company that built the tower. It used to be the world’s tallest tower until the Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower were built. It is a 553.33 metres high (1815 feet) concrete communications and observation tower. You won’t get very many photos of Toronto’s skyline without the CN Tower in it.



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from toronto island

Here’s a view of the CN Tower and Toronto’s skyline from Toronto Island:

I can climb ladders, I can cliff jump off of an 8-metre cliff jump off the side of a Thai ferry boat but when it comes to standing on top of a glass floor 1,122 feet above, I’m pretty much a chicken. I am not afraid of heights but for some reason standing on the CN Tower’s glass floor is pretty nerve-wracking! It was difficult to stand on top of it even though it is made to never break and regular tests are done to make sure of that.

cn tower selfie

Crouching on the glass floor. I don’t look scared but I was!

Here are a few photos that I took from inside the observation deck in the day (June 2013):

cn tower view

cn tower view 3

cn tower view 2

This is from outside of the observation deck, it’s windy!!!

cn tower outside

Here are some photos from my visit in June 2015. I went in the evening to try and catch a sunset. It was overcast so I didn’t catch the sunset but I got great evening photos of the Toronto skyline.

CN Tower at night

We belong to the city!

CN Tower at night

CN Tower at night

Very late at night


CN Tower

**Disclaimer: Many thanks to Toronto Tourism and CN Tower for the complimentary visit. As always opinions stated are my own.**

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