Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Where To Stay On The Strip

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Panoramic View |
Where do you stay in Las Vegas? Have you stayed at the Cosmopolitan?

I wanted to share some photos of the Las Vegas Strip from the 56th floor of my friend’s suite at the Cosmopolitan. I was staying at the Aria next door but you know how nights can go in Las Vegas! I went to see a show at Hakkasan, ran into my friend/little brother Boris, we partied at a table, we searched for more parties, no after party happened, a crew of us went back to my friend’s suite, drank some more, and then I passed out on his couch. Oh, Las Vegas!

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I know you were hoping for some exciting and scandalous story. Sorry, I’m pretty boring when it involves Las Vegas. After coming here twice a year for work for more than a decade, I go to my convention, eat some delicious food, see work friends for a couple of beers, maybe a show, and then go to bed. I did have a cocktail in the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan. There was a huge trade show party at Marquee, the nightclub inside the Cosmopolitan. I didn’t make it inside the club, though. It looked crowded and like a big scene, which is not my scene. I stayed at Chandelier Bar with my friend Derek and we talked about future travel plans and drank a few old-fashioned instead.

Chandelier Bar Cosmopolitan Las Vegas |

Chandelier Bar – photo courtesy of Flickr

Here is the view from the balcony of the Cosmopolitan:

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Panoramic View |

Look at that view!

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Panoramic View |

Vegas, baby!

Cosmopolitan Suite Las Vegas |

Inside a suite at the Cosmopolitan – photo courtesy of Flickr

While I didn’t stay at the Cosmopolitan I would consider staying there in the future. It has a younger party vibe to the hotel with its nightclub and day club pool scene. It’d be a great place for a girlfriend getaway or when you feeling partying!

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