Devour Madrid Food Tours: 12 Things You Eat On The Ultimate Spanish Food Tour

Devour Madrid Food Tours - El Riojano |

If you know me, you know I love to eat. I also enjoy the occasional tour when I travel. Mix those together and you have a pretty happy Arnette! I spent a few months in Madrid and joined in on the Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour by Devour Madrid Food Tours while I was there. I am pretty picky about experiences but this tour was awesome. I have already recommended it to my friends and family (sorry vegan friends, not for you!) and now I want to share my experience with you! The best thing about this Ultimate Spanish Food Tour by Devour Madrid Food Tours is that it not only combines delicious Spanish food but also some history of Madrid and Spain as well. I love it! Learning and eating!



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I met my tour guide Sanne and the rest of my group in Plaza Mayor. I was a bit early so I got chatting with a lady who was from Malaga. The rest of the group was from the USA, a fun couple from the DC area, and a family from the Mid West. We made our introductions and then we went on our merry way to the first of 8 stops + a bonus!!!

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Now On To My Devour Madrid Food Tours Experience!

Devour 1st Stop: Confiteria El Riojano for soletilla y chocolate!

Devour Madrid Food Tours - El Riojano |

A confectionary and cafe that has been open since 1855. What!! Yes! We got to go inside and have coffee as well as soletilla (a ladyfinger biscuit) dunked in warm chocolate. I know you’ve probably heard of San Gines and churros but this place is lovely and no crazy lines!

Devour Madrid Food Tours - El Riojano |

Madrid Food Tour |

If a place has been open for over 100 years, they have these plaques on the ground in front of them!!

2nd Stop: El Mercado de San Miguel for vermouth on tap, olives, and other tapas

Mercado San Miguel |

I love markets so I have been to this market many times. Also, I learned it’s not just for tourists but locals come here too. In fact. a local Madrileño friend met me here for drinks before we went out to eat elsewhere. So locals and tourists alike enjoy it!

Devour Madrid Food Tours |

Mmmmm skewers!

Devour Madrid Food Tours - Mercado San Miguel Vermut |

Sipping on vermouth

3rd Stop: Monasterio del Corpus Christi for almond cookies made by cloistered nuns

Devour Madrid Food Tours - Monasterio del Corpus Christi |

This isn’t an actual official stop but our Devour Madrid Food Tours guide Sanne brought us here and I was so happy she did. We stopped at a cloistered convent and bought cookies from them. Because cloistered nuns have a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience, they do not have contact with people outside of the convent. In the past, wealthy sponsors paid for their expenses. Life has changed now so the pope has given them permission to do things like bake goods and sell them. (I’m hoping I got my facts right!)

So we stopped by and bought some cookies! We had no contact with them and used a lazy Susan type thing to pay and get cookies from them. It was so interesting!!

Devour Madrid Food Tours |

Almond cookies (that’s right, gluten-free!) made by cloistered nuns

4th Stop: El Anciano Rey de los Vinos for bull tail regalito and Rioja 

The next stop on the Devour Madrid Food Tours was a place called Anciano Rey de los Vinos, another establishment that has been around for over 100 years. It’s very close to the Royal Palace and here we sipped on some Rioja, Spanish wine from the Rioja region, and ate the restaurant’s specialty, seen below. It was really delicious!

Devour Madrid Food Tours - El Anciano Rey de los Vinos |

Bull tail regalito

5th Stop: Taberna La Bola for cocido Madrileño 

Our next stop was a tavern called Taberna La Bola which has been around since 1870. They serve many things on their menu but are most famous for their “cocido Madrileño” which is a stew made with meat, vegetables, chickpeas, and noodles.

The restaurant is really busy but our tour group got to go in before they opened to see them make the stew. I went on this tour in November so it was perfect for the colder weather.

Devour Madrid Food Tours - La Bola |

Making the cocido in pots

Devour Madrid Food Tours - La Bola |

The noodles!

6th Stop: Mercado de Jamón Ibérico for jamón 

What food tour in Spain doesn’t include jamón?! Of course, we ate some! We stopped at Mercado de Jamon Iberico and sampled 3 kinds.

Devour Madrid Food Tours - Jamon |

7th Stop: Bar Cerveriz for super delicious tortilla and sidra 

We circled back towards Mercado San Miguel and right across the road is Bar Cerveriz. If you are a tortilla lover like me, you will love this place!! Look at the gooey goodness below!!! I also poured my own sidra (cider) and didn’t do too bad of a job.

Devour Madrid Food Tours - Tortilla |

Look at this tortilla perfection!

Devour Madrid Food Tours |

The face of someone stuffing their face with tortilla and drinking sidra

8th Stop: La Campana for bocadillo de calamares

Madrid doesn’t really do street food yet but if you want their version, head to La Campana for their bocadillo de calamares. If you’re not a calamari fan they do a sandwich with peppers. I have to say the calamari is perfect and not chewy!

Devour Madrid Food Tours |

9th Stop: Torrons Vincens for turrón 

Last stop, of course, is some sweets! Turrón is nougat or a sweet usually made with honey, sugar, egg white, and some sort of nut. We stopped at Torrons Vincens and sampled several kinds.

Devour Madrid Food Tours |


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**Disclaimer: Many thanks to Devour Madrid Food Tours for their generous hospitality, especially Sanne our awesome guide. As always, opinions stated are solely my own. Please visit their website here to book a tour!**

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