Dsptch Camera Straps: For the Stylish Yet Low Key Photographer

Say no to large camera branded straps when you’re traveling! Get yourself a nice simple utilitarian but sturdy strap by Dsptch. Before I went on my round the world trip, I switched out my Canon camera strap for a plain black one. When I was in Hanoi, Vietnam, a gang of young thieves followed me when I was exploring the city and had all of my gear hidden in a backpack. They knew I was a tourist though. Hello…nice clothes and a Northface backpack. They trailed me for a while but I wore them out by sitting in a public park beside some old looking grandmas for an hour. They could no longer wait and left to find a new victim.

I used a plain black camera strap while on my RTW trip but recently received the “Sling” model by Dsptch. These camera straps are not only stylish, sturdy but also low key and functional. They are also made in the USA!!!

Dsptch Camera Strap for Travel

They have way more straps and styles now so be sure to check out their website here.

**Many thanks to Dsptch for the gear! All opinions, of course, are my own.**

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