Dutch Snacks: 7 Snacks To Try While You Are In Amsterdam


Are you travelling to Amsterdam or the Netherlands soon? A handful of friends asked me what to do when they go to Amsterdam so I’m sharing this post about my favourite Dutch snacks. I will admit that when I was there I went to visit a “coffee shop”. And of course I had the munchie and this is where Dutch snacks come in! 

Scroll down to see my favourite 7 Dutch snacks!



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Febo is a chain of Dutch fast food automats. In case you have not experienced an automat, they are vending machines where you insert your money (bills or coins) and then pull your food out of a window.

Febo - Dutch snacks To Try In The Netherlands

You will see them all over the Netherlands


Febo automat windows

Febo Bami

Febo Bami – looks scary but is tasty. It’s a croquette filled with chicken chow mein

More Dutch snacks I tried around Amsterdam

Dutch Snacks - fries and mayo

Fries with mayo – a favourite in Europe


Holtkamp is a pastry shop in central Amsterdam not far from where I was staying that also sold kroketten (croquettes). I wrote about them here.

Holtkamp Kroketten

Holtkamp kroketten yum!

Albert Cuyp Market

One morning when my Dutch friend Mattijs and I were hungover, he took me to De Pijp, a neighbourhood just south of central Amsterdam. We went to the Albert Cuyp Market. It’s a street market named after a 17th century Dutch Painter and located on Albert Cuypstraat between Ferdinand Bolstraat and Van Woustrat. You can buy vegetables, fruit, fish, clothing, gadgets, and household items from the vendors. 

Mattijs told me in order to cure my hangover we had to eat Dutch hangover food. So we tried these following snacks:


Oliebollen – a Dutchie or a deep-fried Dutch doughnut sprinkled with powdered sugar


Poffertjes – battered treats almost like mini pancakes


Herring – I tried one and did not eat anymore. Not for me!


Stroopwafels are waffles made from 2 very thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup center. OMG. So good. You can find them everywhere, even in packages in grocery stores like Trader Joes, but oh they taste so good over there!

Stroopwafel - Dutch Snacks To Try In The Netherlands

Stroopwafel goodness. I forgot to take photos so here’s one by Robyn Lee from Flickr

I also did a shot of Genever or Dutch gin but it was a bit too much for me, like the herring. It felt like I was going to get some hair on my chest!

What are your favourite Dutch snacks? Share in the comments!


Dutch Snacks To Try In The Netherlands

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