Eating Healthy When Traveling: 5 Helpful Tips!

Harlow Vegan Food in PDX

Need some eating healthy points for your travels? 

I’ll admit I am not always the healthiest person when I travel. There are a lot of times when convenience takes over and I don’t eat very well. Laziness kicks in and I eat a fast food meal because it’s the fastest or it’s easily accessible, like on a road trip. Then there are times when I’m walking around a city for 10 hours, kayaking around a tropical deserted island, surfing, or hiking up a mountain to see an amazing view. I am still struggling to find a balance for eating healthy when I travel, like everything else in my life. I still need to constantly remind myself to make healthy choices. As of late, my health and wellbeing have become a major priority. I believe in resetting  and starting over whenever needed. We all have the chance to start fresh and make things right. So right now I am pressing that button now.

Here are some tips on eating healthy when you’re constantly traveling:


Below is an example of making better choices when I go out to eat. This was not always the case and now I have some weight to lose because of choices. I am accountable for myself so I need to remember and ask myself, is this worth it? I went out to eat with my cousin to a place called Lemonade in Los Angeles. I ordered a kale salad and salmon – so a vegetable and a protein. Eating less carbs works for me. It doesn’t work for everyone and I don’t avoid them all the time. Picking and choosing when it’s worth it is best for my body. Like eating carbs to fuel for a good workout or in the mornings. My cousin, on the other hand, decided to go with mac and cheese and beef short rib. He can make those choices because he’s skinny as hell.

Eating Healthy When Traveling - Eat Less Carbs |

 Ordering kale salad and salmon at Lemonade in Los Angeles


It may not seem like I eat at “home” much but I do when I can. I do love cooking and when I have access to a kitchen when I travel or am based somewhere for a longer period of time, I make food at “home”. This is perfect if you’re an Air BnB user or staying in a hostel because there’s a kitchen for you to use!!

Even if I am staying in a hotel I will buy some groceries from the store or market. The easiest meal of the day to do this is breakfast. You can buy some yogurt (if there’s a fridge available), granola, and fruit. Recently I stayed in hotels with breakfast buffets. They aren’t the best quality food but I was able to choose things like eggs and fruit. Avoid the pastries and bread!

Eating Healthy When Traveling - Buy Fruit At The Market |

Many hotels have kettles or coffee makers to make tea and coffee. If there isn’t one, I have brought along a drip cone, filters, and ground coffee with me or I bring my Aeropress. I do love going to new coffee shops but some days I just make coffee in my room or apartment. A place I stayed in had an espresso machine so I taught myself to make lattes. I love going out for brunch but I’ll make it more of a treat meal when I travel and meet up with people or friends. If I start out my day healthy I am more inclined to continue to be healthy.

Eating Healthy When Traveling - Buy Food At Market To Make In Accommodations |

I picked up some fruit and vegetables at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne


Lunch is one of my favorite meals to go out for when I travel. Many places, even nicer restaurants, will have lunch specials. If you don’t want to eat out for lunch, it’s easy to pick up a soup or salad from bigger grocery stores or delis. If I am with others I’ll share a bunch of dishes and I’ll always make sure to include vegetables or greens. I personally like eating a bigger lunch and then eating a healthy dinner or salad. This way I know that I am burning it off with exploring or a workout.

Eating Healthy When Traveling - Order Healthy Dishes Like Sushi |

Sushi is always a healthy choice! I ordered this chirashi bowl for lunch in Tokyo


I’m a huge meat eater but often I’ll balance my eating style with vegan or vegetarian choices. When you travel you can find some really great vegan restaurants and cafes. You know it will most likely be healthy!!

Harlow vegan Portland food

A vegan rice bowl at Harlow in Portland

Culver City Salads - Best Budget Meals Under $20 In Vancouver |

A vegan noodle salad at Culver City Salads food truck in Vancouver


I will admit I need work on this one. I like drinking water, I just hate having to go to the bathroom all the time. I know it’s good for me. When I drink water, my skin is better and I’m less sore after working out. Bring your own reusable water bottle and carry it around all the time. Perhaps one with a built in filter like this one.

travel fitness - travel water bottle |

Some other tips I can share for eating healthy on the road (as a bonus, these tips save you money!):

  • Fly a lot? Buy food prior getting to the airport. For domestic travel, you can bring things like apples or a banana. For everywhere else you can bring granola/protein bars, nuts, and dried fruit.
  • Always carry some snacks in your purse or backpack. I like to carry raw almond packs or a granola bar so I don’t get hangry and make bad choices.
  • Go to local farmers markets to buy fresh fruit and vegetables

Eating Healthy Travel Tips |

What are your eating healthy travel tips?

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