Gift Guide For The Travel Lover In Your Life (Updated For 2017)

RTWgirl Holiday/Christmas Gift Guide For Travel Lovers and Travelers

A Gift Guide For The Travel Lover!

I can’t believe it’s December already!! Wow!!! And that means it’s time to start holiday shopping!! Have you started? Do you know what you’re buying your loved ones? Like everyone else, I’ve made a gift guide for the travel-loving person in your life. Here are some things that either I have and love or I want (hint hint family!!!). Click on the links to purchase!

*This post was originally posted in 2014 but updated in December 2017! I still love these items and travel with them!*

Unisex gifts:

Burton Luggage

I’ve had my Burton carry on for a while. And while I keep wanting to buy a new fancy travel brand, mine keeps on ticking. I have to say, they are sturdy!! Those snowboarders sure know how to make bags!

burton luggage

Want Les Essential O’Hare Tote

Want to get your loved one a beautiful personal item? Get them something by Want Les Essentials. I love their bags!!! I was shopping for a canvas one at a sample sale in NYC when I came across a leather one that was a ridiculous price. It is a splurge but it’s classic and will last forever if cared for. The canvas ones are super nice too. Anyone would love these gifts!

A Digital Subscription To A Travel Magazine 

I love magazines. Until recently I didn’t have an address to send them to so I would have the print version mailed to a friend and I would get the digital version sent to my iPad. So if you have a traveller in your life, get them a Travel & Leisure subscription so they can get inspired for their next trip!

Travel and Leisure Subscription

Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet

It’s great to be able to have a place to hold your wallet, boarding passes, cards, a sim, etc.

Sleep Mask

A must for any traveller or even people who don’t but have sleep issues! I love my sleep mask. It’s perfect for the plane, train, and bus rides as well as bright hotel rooms that don’t have blackout shades.


LifeProof Ipad Mini Case

Do you know what’s the bomb? Reading your digital subscription poolside. I have this Lifeproof case for my iPad (mini) and I am stoked loafing on my lounger in the sun.


Lifeproof Ipad Mini

Sony Mirrorless Camera

I got on the mirrorless game a while back with a Panasonic, till I killed it. I replaced it with a Sony RX100M3 this spring which I love. It’s a bit bigger than a pocket-sized point and shoot but it’s amazing. I bring it everywhere. It’s so light and the quality of the photos are amazing. I can send photos to my smartphone in an instant so I can post on Facebook or Instagram.


Sony RX100M3

GoPro Hero4

I love my GoPro, especially for underwater shooting and adventuring. I don’t use it nearly enough but hoping to take it out on the slopes when I go snowboarding this season!! Get your traveller the latest one!!

GoPro Hero4

X Shot Selfie Stick

For the solo traveller, I love this thing. It’s dorky yes but now I don’t have to have that selfie from my outstretched arm shot. This thing is perfect for GoPro action shots too!!


Anker External Battery Charger

A must for anyone who has a smartphone. My battery is always dying so I have one of these guys to juice me up. This one by Anker has done well for me and charges up my iPhone, GoPro, camera, iPad, etc.


Outlet To Go by Monster 

If you travel at all with any kind of gear like a laptop, camera, smartphone and anything else you probably need a travel-friendly power strip. I brought one of these on my RTW trip and it was invaluable. It is especially handy when hotels or accommodations only have one outlet behind the dresser!!!


Monster Outlet To Go

Global Plug Adapter 

You can’t really travel the rest of the world without plug adapters. Sometimes I travel from one region to another, say Spain to the UK, so this global adapter is perfect for someone who’s going to be hopping around a continent.

Lewis N Clark Adapter |

Compression Socks

I used to wear compression socks after training for a 10K race and then I lost them. I got another pair in a gift bag when I went to a travel event. Since then I haven’t flown without my compression socks. It helps with blood circulation when you’re sitting in the same position for so many hours. These are a perfect stocking stuffer for a frequent flier!!

Lewis N Clark Compression Socks|


Compression Packs

I am normally of the packing cube sort but I was given these compression packs and I kind of love them. When you squish everything in and suck the air out, everything gets…compressed and tight. If you don’t have access to an iron and need your things crisp, it may not be the right option but when you’re trying to pack a ton in a small space like a carryon bag, it’s great.

Lewis N Clark Compression Packers |

Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are also great. If a traveller is not using them, they need some as a gift. It changed everything for me on my round the world trip. I’ve used them since and then now compression packs.

Lewis N Clark ElectroLight Packing Cubes |
For Men:

Jack Black Travel Set

Men need to keep their skincare game on lock. I’m a fan of their products even though I’m a lady tee hee.

For the ladies:


I really like Dermalogica‘s product. My cousin used to work for them and then my niece had a discount at her salon. Now I’m just plain hooked. Their kits are great for travel!

Flight 001 Cases 

I love shoving things in cases and being semi-organized. Soooo cute! This works as your quart bag for going through security.

Gift cards are always nice!!

iTunes gift card
I will always accept an iTunes one or a gift card to Amazon!

If you really want to make your traveller happy, buy them a plane ticket somewhere! I bet they’ll be happy going anywhere and that is my favourite kind of gift!

Happy holidays friends!! 

**Please note that links on this page are affiliate links and if you purchase them, I make a small commission. It doesn’t cost you anything but helps with the costs of running this blog. .**


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