GoPro: My Favorite GoPro Camera And The Accessories I Use

Moraine Lake Canoeing GoPro Selfie |

I don’t always use my GoPro but when I do, I remember how awesome it is. While I don’t think it is something I can use alone, it’s definitely a great add-on to the gear I use when I travel.

Why I love my GoPro:
  • Great for any time you are near and in the water. I’ve played around with waterproof cameras and while some are awesome, that’s another item to pack. Waterproof housing that works is really expensive and with the number of times I get a new camera, the housing would be useless in a year or two.
  • Great for bringing to the beach or near sand. Sand and your camera/phone is a nightmare. Scratches. Sand everywhere. GoPro is perfect for the beach.
  • Great for sports. I’m not the most sporty person, but I do snowboard. When I was in Whistler snowboarding, I used my iPhone on the slopes but due to the extreme cold, my phone died even though it was fully charged. GoPro stands up to the weather.
  • Different options. I love that I can shoot video, take photos, use the time-lapse function, and do bursts.
  • Lately, to shoot photos when I am traveling solo I’ve been using the time-lapse function and have been getting great results.

Here are some samples of photos and videos made with my GoPro:

Wet In Niagara Falls

No worries under Niagara Falls’ mist with my GoPro – shot in time-lapse mode

Moraine Lake Canoeing GoPro Selife

Epic moments on Moraine Lake with my GoPro – shot in time-lapse mode

GoPro Redwood Forest

I wanted a fisheye effect to capture the Redwood Forest – shot in time-lapse mode

Cross Country Skiing at Whistler

My first time on skis! At Whistler cross-country skiing around Lost Lake – shot as a single photo

Tilikum Bridge

I set my time-lapse to shoot a photo at night at Portland’s new Tilikum Bridge

A video shot with my GoPro of my adventures during the summer of 2015

I currently own a Hero 4 Silver and a Session. My favorite is the Hero 4 Silver because it comes with a screen. I know you can use the iPhone app to see what you’re shooting, but it’s just convenient to have it on the camera itself, especially if you’re on the snow or water.

Here are my favorite GoPro and accessories to go with it:

My Favorite GoPro Accessories

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  1. GoPro Hero 4 Silver – love the screen!!
  2. Suction mount – I use this in the car when I’m on road trips
  3. The Frame – I’m loving this mount because it’s light, you’re able to capture a lot more sound and if you need to charge at the same time, there’s a hole where you can attach a charging cord while using it.
  4. Helmet mount – snowboarding and cycling here I come!
  5. 3 Way – this is a tripod, grip, and selfie stick in one. Super convenient and amazing for a solo traveler!
  6. Jaws clamp – I didn’t really think this was useful till as of late. I clamped my GoPro onto a tripod to shoot video while I was shooting photos. Can clamp onto anything!!
  7. Always handy to have extra memory cards, especially when you’re shooting video and time lapses. This one has a mini reader!
  8. Tripod mounts – great to mount your GoPro to tripods or selfie sticks!

I love gadgets and whatnot, but sometimes it takes me a while to figure out how to use them. It’s been helpful to watch how-to videos on YouTube to figure out how to use my accessories and take better video and photos.

Do you use a GoPro? What are your favorite accessories to use?

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**Disclaimer: GoPro has been sent me the Hero 3 Black, Session, and accessories to test. Links in this post contain affiliate links. There is no extra cost to you but if you make a purchase, I do make a minuscule commission which helps with the running cost of this blog so I can continue to share helpful tips and information, to you, the reader.**

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