GoVichy | A Perfect Self-Care Spa Day In San Diego For Girlfriends

Treatment Room

The world is all about self-care right now and so am I! Taking care of myself at home and the occasional splurge on treatments like facials and massages is a must. When I travel I treat myself to experiences like a hammam in Morocco, hot springs in Palm Springs and Banff, Nordic-inspired spas in Canada or daily (or even twice daily) massages in Thailand. It’s actually one thing I don’t do enough of when I’m at home in San Diego which is when I need it the most. Recently my girlfriend Desiree and I had a girls’ self-care day. We tried a newer spa in our area called GoVichy which is in Encinitas in Northern San Diego.  



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GoVichy: A Perfect Self-Care Spa Day Activity In San Diego For Girlfriends

Hi I’m Arnette and I love spa treatments

I’ve been to a handful of spas in the San Diego area since I moved here from Canada. I’ve been to the spa at La Costa Resort, the spa at Coronado Island, and some budget-friendly massage places in down south in Kearny Mesa. None of them have been all that appealing to me where I have gone back on a regular basis. The spas tend to be either beautiful but the treatments are overpriced for what I am receiving. Or they are budget-friendly but the room in which I’m getting a treatment doesn’t feel clean. 

My girlfriend Desiree and I drove to GoVichy which is in a nondescript mini-mall along Encinitas Boulevard. You have to look a bit hard since the signage is small. If you see a swim store, it’s located behind there! 

When we arrived we checked in and filled out a questionnaire. Since it was my first time, I was not really sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I should wear a bathing suit so I brought one in case. In case you’re the type who likes to know what’ happening beforehand, here is the lowdown:

What Happens At Your Vichy Spa Treatment (I had a 90 minute Vichy Treatment)
  • Check in when you arrive
  • If it is your first visit, fill out a questionnaire
  • Wait till you are called for your treatment
  • You will be given a robe and directed to the change room
  • Undress fully (yes naked)
  • In your locker are a small basket with spa slippers, disposable underwear, a washcloth, and a shower cap.
  • Put on the disposable underwear and robe
  • You will be then shown to a shower room
  • Take a shower – I had actually showered and washed my hair before because I never know what kind of shampoo and conditioner is available so I prefer to use my own
  • Dry off with towels provided in the shower room, put the robe back on, tie hair back if you have long hair
  • You will now go to the treatment room and begin your service

Treatment Room

The girlfriend or couple treatment room

Once I entered the room, my attendant Grace told me to lay down the treatment table. She stepped out while I got on the bed. When she came back in, she started exfoliating me. I was laying on my stomach and she started scrubbing away. She exfoliated every single centimetre of my body. I flipped over and she went to town on my front side. I don’t think I have been this clean since my hammam in Morocco 2 years ago. 

After Grace exfoliated me, she turned on the Vichy Spa shower. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s a multi-head shower waterfall (photo above). She also had a handheld showerhead and was rinsing me off with that too. I was beyond squeaky clean! Once Grace was done washing me off, it was time for my massage. I asked for strong pressure and Grace delivered! She also used hot stones on my back which felt amazing. After my massage, I felt so relaxed. Like I was floating on air. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones during our massages

My girlfriend Desiree started her treatment shortly after me so it wasn’t tandem. I am sure if you ask for a tandem appointment they can make it happen. I was feeling so relaxed I was not quite ready to move and Grace said I could take my time. It was nice to be able to relax before heading out to the waiting room. I hate feeling rushed after having such a relaxing experience. 

Self-Care In San Diego

Someone is happy and relaxed

GoVichy is a unique day spa in North County San Diego. I’m a fan of Asian spas but I don’t necessarily want to 45 minutes drive down south to Convoy or drive 2 hours to have a spa experience. Having GoVichy close to me in Northern San Diego is amazing. If you want to have a self-care day by yourself, with your significant other, or a girlfriend as I did, you won’t regret it! The price is fantastic for the kind of treatment you receive. 



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GoVichy: A Perfect Self-Care Spa Day Activity In San Diego For Girlfriends

**Disclaimer: Please note I was invited by GoVichy and my experience was complimentary. As always opinions stated are my solely own. Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you for my referral. I only ever recommend services that I have used myself. The support is always appreciated but never expected and helps with the running costs of this blog. Opinions stated are solely my own*

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