Why This Head Porter Bag Is The Best Travel Purse

Head Porter Bag | www.rtwgirl.com
Do you have a favorite travel bag??
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One of my favorite bags for travel was a Head Porter Tanker Shoulder Bag. I bought this Head Porter Tanker shoulder bag when I was in Tokyo and it’s one of the best things I bought on the road. I absolutely love it for daily usage and especially for travel. The shoulder strap comes off and there are belt loops on it if you want to attach it to your belt Japanese style. It’s big enough to carry a wallet, a camera and a few other things. You can wear it as a cross body bag so that it remains in front of you and safe from thieves. It’s great for going to the club. It forces you to only carry essentials. It has pockets and dividers so you can keep things separate and find them easily. The pockets are great to have your mobile phone handy for phone calls or photos on the fly. This bag is amazing for travel. It’s classic, timeless and versatile.

The bag is a bit tough to find in the US and Canada but if you find yourself in Tokyo, head over to the Head Porter store or to Tokyu Hands and pick one up. You can find them in better stores in Asia as well. I spotted a Head Porter boutique in the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong.

Head Porter Bag | www.rtwgirl.com





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