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Are you heading out on a long-haul flight soon? Last winter, I flew from San Diego to Spain and I wanted to share a packing list of my long-haul flight essentials. Since I travel quite a bit and do one or more international flights a year, I test out a lot of products to see what works for me. This list tends to be my go-to items to ensure a comfortable flight no matter the length.



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My Long-Haul Flight Essentials Packing List

Long-Haul Flight Essential #1 – Headphones

Sticking things in my ear is not enjoyable so I travel with headphones. My Sudio Regent headphones have travelled with me since I got them about 2 years ago and I still really like them. Of course, I’d love some Bose ones but for the meanwhile, these keep out the sound and look great. Headphones are definitely one of my most important long-haul flight essentials especially if I travel overnight and need to block out noise. 

Sudio Sweden Regent Review | www.rtwgirl.com

To purchase these headphones on Amazon, click here. To purchase them directly through Sudio, click here and use my discount code SUDIORTWGIRL for 15% off. 

Read more here: Sudio Regent Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

Long-Haul Flight Essential #2 Stasher Bags

Keeping my things organized is important when I travel. Also, I have been trying to reduce my usage of one time plastics and using Stasher reusable bags instead of Ziplocs. The snack sized ones are used to separate my jewelry or for snacks (obvs). The large ones I use for when I have wet swimwear or to keep my cords together. So many uses!

Stasher Bag

To purchase a Stasher on Amazon, click here.

Long-Haul Flight Essential #3 – Eyemask

If I’m doing an overnight flight, a sleep eye mask is essential because I always choose a window seat. This is also important for your hotel or accommodations. Who knows what kind of window covers apartments have, etc.

Long Haul Flight Essentials: Flight 001 Sleep Mask

Long-Haul Flight Essential #4 – My Quart Bag For Toiletries

Over the years I have tried many different quart bags. Instead of using one-time plastic Ziplocs, I have one by Muji. 


Long-Haul Flight Essential #Toothpaste

Toothpaste tubes are always too small or way too big for my travels. This one by Tom’s of Maine is perfect. It’s bigger than the mini travel ones and can technically be brought in your carry-on.

Tom's of Maine Toothpaste | Long Haul Flight Essentials

To buy this toothpaste on Amazon, click here.

Long-Haul Flight Essential #6 – Toothbrush

My teeth love my Sonicare so I always pack it! Depending on the length of my trip, I don’t usually pack the whole charging system. A single charge will last for a few weeks. Depending on the trip I’ll just take my brush or the portable charger along.

Sonicare - Long Haul Flight Essentials

Long-Haul Flight Essential #7 – Reusable Water Bottle

Recently, I bought a personal Brita water bottle and am loving it! When I travel I try to find water fountains so that I can fill up and avoid buying bottles of water. My flight attendant friends also told me to avoid drinking the water they have on planes, so I do! Many foreign countries don’t recycle as much as we do at home so I like to lessen my impact when I’m travelling. When I was in Spain for a few months, their tap water is great so I never buy bottled water when I’m there.

Brita | www.rtwgirl.com

Long-Haul Flight Essential #8 – Antibacterial Cream or Spray

Goes without saying!

EO lavender hand sanitizer | www.rtwgirl.com

Long Haul Flight Essential #9 – Tide 2 Go

Because I am kind of sloppy!

Tide Pen

Long-Haul Flight Essential #10 – Makeup Remover

Bioderma is my go-to micellar water. Their wipes used to be on my list but I’m no longer using them because I’m conscious of my waste. Now I decant some in a container and I have reusable cotton pads. 


Bioderma Sensibio

Long-Haul Flight Essential #11 – Sheet Mask

Yes,  I am that person and I put on a mask during the flight. Dr. Jart moisturizing ones are amazing. Other options are Say Yes brand.

Long Haul Flight Essential - Sheet Mask

Long-Haul Flight Essential #12 – Evian Spray

One of our family members is a pilot and he said how dry the air is and how we should keep hydrated and moisturized. Dry air and membranes are more susceptible to illness. I believe him! I just bring one. It’s handy for cleansing my skin too when I can’t get to a sink.

Long Haul Flight Essential - Evian Spray | www.rtwgirl.com

Long-Haul Flight Essential #13 – iPad

For long-haul flights, I download books and magazines. Sometimes I will carry a book but I hate the extra weight. An article I read mentioned that some airlines are considering getting rid of in-flight entertainment so this will solve that situation!

Lifeproof Ipad Mini Case | Long Haul Flight Essentials

Long-Haul Flight Essential #14 – iPhone

Sadly I can’t live without mine.Iphone Selfie | www.rtwgirl.com

Long-Haul Flight Essential #15 – External Battery Charger

Some planes don’t have a power plug at the seat and this will keep you charged up for most of your flight. This is not only one of my long-haul flight essentials but every day essential. My phone battery is pretty crap so I have one with me at all times.

Anker External Battery Charger

Long-Haul Flight Essential #16 – Mini Makeup Bag

For my flight I pare down and pack just my make up essentials. Before I land after a long-haul flight, I will freshen up my face. Who knows what dreamy handsome traveller I will see? Ha! Mascara, blush, bb cream, powder, eyelash curler, and eyeliner are my essentials. 

Long-Haul Flight Essential #17 – Compression Socks

Many of my closest friends travel every week of the year. I have asked a handful of them for their jet lag reduction tips and one of them was compression socks or even leggings. These help with blood circulation when sitting down for so long. I love them! Usually, I just put the socks on at my seat and take them off before I get off the plane. This has definitely become one of my long-haul flight essentials.

Long-Haul Flight Essentials : Compression Socks

Long-Haul Flight Essential #18 – Snacks

Everything at the airport is heavily taxed so I try to make sure I bring some snacks for my trips. I will buy pre-packaged nuts and whatnot at Trader Joes.

Long-Haul Flight Essentials

Long-Haul Flight Essential #19 Deodorant

Normally I stopped buying travel sizes but I do bring travel sized deodorant to fit in my 3-1-1 bag. For some reason, I get extra sweaty when I travel. 

Long Haul Flight Essential: Deodorant

Long-Haul Flight Essential #20 – Perfume

This portable solid fragrance by Diptyque is the best. Lasts forever too!

Diptyque solid fragrance

Long-Haul Flight Essential #21 – Lip Balm

My lips were a nightmare in Spain and Morocco. It was so dry there. So Carmex saved me.


Long-Haul Flight Essential #22 – Easy On and Off Shoes & Socks

Not every country makes you take off shoes but I hate having to unlace and lace up. Even if it’s warm I wear Birkenstock with socks. Yes, I’m that person. Or I wear slip-on shoes/boots. But the thought of walking the airport floor without socks makes me grossed out.

Socks and Birks

Long-Haul Flight Essential #23 – Bellroy Passport Wallet

Bellroy elements travel wallet | Long-Haul Flight Essentials

What I Wear For Long Flights

I tend to dress in layers no matter where I’m going. If it’s cold I’ll wear a long sweater with my leggings. If it’s warm I’ll wear a tank top layered underneath a button up. Leggings or loose pants are easy and comfortable and not constrictive for long flights.

Long-Haul Flight Essentials

Scarf or Sarong

My body temperature is always cold. Sometimes I pack several scarves if they are light and sometimes I will just use my sarong.

Balinese Sarong | www.rtwgirl.com

What are your long-haul flight essentials? Share in the comments with me!





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Long-Haul Flight Essentials

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a commission.**

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