Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway Guide

The Broad Museum | www.rtwgirl.com

A girlfriend of mine who lives in Portland was headed to Los Angeles for work. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so we decided to meet up and have a 2-day Los Angeles girlfriend getaway! If you’re looking for some ideas for a girls’ trip, this itinerary would be perfect for a weekend of eating, fitness, and culture.


  • Parking is a nightmare. You will be spending a ton on parking no matter what and it sucks. Have quarters ready or a credit card. 
  • Make sure you look at all of the parking signs. Watch out for street cleaning days or if you have to angle your wheels.
  • Download Waze app for driving. It’s helpful to navigate during rush hour traffic
  • If you can stick to a few neighbourhoods when visiting LA or plan your drive times around avoiding traffic.

Where To Stay During A Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway

The Line

Los Angeles has a ton of great hotels but one that I’ve been keen on staying at is the Line Hotel. I’ve come here a handful of times to eat and have drinks but never stayed the night. Now that I’m not living in LA, it was the perfect reason! The Line is located in Koreatown and close to neighbourhoods like Larchmont and is not far from DTLA.

My only suggestion would be to snag a room on a higher floor or wear earplugs at night. At night you can hear music from the second level from the restaurant and chill out zone. I have experienced worse at other hotels but there was a shrill girl screaming by the ping pong table that killed us. Valet parking is close to $40 per night which always sucks but I managed to find street parking miraculously overnight which was free.

3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Use this link to book The Line Hotel

Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway – Arrival 

While my friend finished up work, I settled into the hotel and went upstairs to grab a cocktail and check out the pool! I know….I’m a jerk, right? I even sent her photos while she was working.

Line Hotel Los Angeles | www.rtwgirl.com

Oh hi

Commissary at The Line Hotel | www.rtwgirl.com

This used to be called The Commissary but is now Open Aire

Dinner Recommendation

Korean Food In Korea Town

My friend came in late due to work so dinner had to be close by. During our two days in LA, we ate at POT by Roy Choi which is now defunct. But I highly recommend eating Korean food while visiting LA. Other than going to Korea, I don’t think you’ll find an abundance of great Korean restaurants like Los Angeles.

Dinner at POT | www.rtwgirl.com

We’re kind of dorks, especially me

Pot by Roy Choi | www.rtwgirl.com

I was happy none of my dining companions liked uni, I ate it all myself!

Pot by Roy Choi | www.rtwgirl.com

Tofu and green bean dish and kalbi (bbq pork)

A Snapchat vid of kimchi jjigae which is a kimchi stew (spicy)!





Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway Day 1


We didn’t opt for breakfast but I grabbed a coffee downstairs in the lobby of The Line Hotel. It used to be POT Cafe but now I read that is uber popular Alfred Coffee. 


Shift by Dana Perri

My girlfriend works for a fitness company and asked me if I wanted to take a class with her. I’ve been trying to incorporate more fitness into my trips so I agreed to join her. Shift by Dana Perri was different than my usual workouts. The premise behind it is the floor are the springy gymnastics floor which makes it a lower impact workout all the while making you stabilize your core.

After class, we were a bit sweaty so we decided to head back to our hotel and take showers since Shift doesn’t have showers at the studio.

The studio is located in Studio City (the Valley) – 14374 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Shift By Dani Perri | www.rtwgirl.com

Stretching before class

Lunch Recommendation


We wanted to keep our healthy vibes so I chose Sweetgreen for lunch. I am familiar with them from my trip to DC a few years back. I loved one of their salads which they discontinued. They have locations in DC, New York, Boston, and a few in LA. It’s a perfect location with a ton of cool shops and things to do nearby. If you’re hankering for a coffee after lunch, there’s a Verve Coffee Roaster next door to Sweetgreen.

8055 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Sweetgreen Salad Los Angeles | www.rtwgirl.com Sweetgreen salad life!



LACMA or Los Angeles County Museum Of Art is really close to where we had lunch so we popped over there to check out a few exhibits. I had been keen to see the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit and the Reigning Men, a men’s’ fashion exhibit. Sadly, the Rain Room tickets were all booked. Well, check for cancellations while you’re there! There was one but only for 1 person. I couldn’t do that to my girlfriend although I was considering it…haha! Surprisingly it was my first visit to LACMA. I saw a piece by Barbara Kruger and Richard Serra, who I both love. I missed out on the James Turrell exhibit, Breathing Light. I didn’t know that you had to sign up for it and by the time we figured it out there was a wait and I had a bored friend. I could easily spend hours at a museum and I usually go by myself, so make note of it. There’s an iPad with a sign up by the admission stand outside.

5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Here are some photos from our visit:

LACMA Robert Mapplethorpe | www.rtwgirl.com

Robert Mapplethorpe 

Patti Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe LACMA | www.rtwgirl.com

Patti Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe

Reigning Men LACMA | www.rtwgirl.com

A piece from the Reigning Men fashion exhibit

Urban Lights LACMA | www.rtwgirl.com

Urban Light – outside of LACMA


The Grove

Is it a girls’ trip without some shopping? I don’t think so! Since we were in Mid-City, we headed to The Grove for some shopping. We wanted to get back to the hotel to chill out before we got caught in major traffic so we only popped into a few key stores. Zara and TopShop for summer sales, Barney’s Coop, and Nike.

189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway - Shopping At The Grove Los Angeles | www.rtwgirl.com

Photo credit: Flickr

*Another recommendation for shopping in the area would be along West Third Street between Fairfax and La Cienega. There are a handful of really great boutiques on that road.*

After we went shopping for a few hours we headed back to The Line to relax and decide where we wanted to eat dinner.

Dinner Recommendation

Sushi Gen

Being the traveller and the food-obsessed person I am, I tend to have the responsibility of deciding things on trips. What to do, where to eat, etc. I always feel a weird pressure to make sure we all have a good time. It’s so much easier for me travelling solo! No one to worry but myself…haha!

When I eat out I prefer to eat things I can’t make at home. Having spent the last half of the year based in one place, I haven’t eaten out much and always cook almost every meal. So I chose to eat sushi in Little Toyko! We could have gone somewhere like Sugarfish but there always tends to be a line and I hate waiting for things. I figured if we went somewhere that was crazy busy in Little Tokyo there would be a decent backup choice close by.

I haven’t been to Sushi Gen in years. I know it’s quality sushi but the lineups used to be soo long. I remember waiting over an hour with some other friends once. This time, it wasn’t too bad. We went a bit later than normal dinner hours and got seated after 20 minutes! We feasted hard!

422 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Sushi Gen Los Angeles | www.rtwgirl.com

My chirashi bowl

Sushi Gen Los Angeles | www.rtwgirl.com

We ordered a lot of sushi!

And because we’re old grannies these days, we just came home after dinner. No cocktails, no bar, nada. We did wake up early however for the next morning’s workout!

Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway Day 2


I can’t function without coffee and I didn’t bring my Aeropress so I just ran downstairs for a latte at Pot Cafe. They sell pastries and juice there in case you wanted something more.



We started our morning with a spin class. There are a bunch of studios in Los Angeles but I happen to have credits there so we went to their Larchmont location. There’s a tiny parking lot with a few stalls but everything was taken so we parked at the meter in front of the studio.

I like spin studios like Flywheel because everything is taken care of. Even though I have cycling shoes, they have some for you. They have towels, water, and some fruit (bananas or apples). I wasn’t sure what the class was going to be like but we had an instructor named Brandon for 45 minutes and he was awesome. I couldn’t clip my shoes in the dark. Usually, I can do this without light but I couldn’t see a thing!

*My buddy got her first class free which was great but had a hard time signing up on her phone to reserve a class and her seat. *

Larchmont Location: 147 N Larchmont Blvd #300, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Healthy Los Angeles - Flywheel Spin Studio | www.rtwgirl.com

Ready to cycle my brains out

We quickly headed back to the hotel to shower and pack up our bags. We were both leaving in the afternoon so we threw our stuff in the car and my friend shipped things home via courier so she didn’t have to deal with any bags for her plane ride home.

Lunch Recommendation

Grand Central Market

This may be a bit of a surprise since I used to live in Los Angeles but this was my first time visiting Grand Central Market. It’s totally up my alley. I love any kind of market or food hall. The popular Eggslut is here but the line wrapped around forever and it was probably over an hour for a breakfast sandwich. Couldn’t do it! My friend grabbed some breakfast whereas I was craving lunch. A perfect place to eat when your party can’t decide on one thing.

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Grand Central Market | www.rtwgirl.com Grand Central Market in DTLA


The Broad

The Broad is a contemporary art museum located in downtown Los Angeles founded by Eli and Edythe Broad. There are over 2000 works of art in the collection. I have been dying to visit the Broad Museum forever but I haven’t been to LA all that much since I moved out of the city last spring. Tickets are always booked up but I made sure to set something up for this visit!! My only suggestion is if you like quiet museums try to book an earlier ticket than later because it does get really busy. There is a day of ticket line but those tend to go for over an hour or more these days.

Currently, there is a photography exhibit by Cindy Sherman till October 2, 2016, and has a $12 ticketed admission. The Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama will be on view and has been extended till the fall. You can sign up to view the room once you have entered The Broad.

The Broad Museum | www.rtwgirl.com

Photo credit: Arcade Original

Some photos from our visit:

Cindy Sherman - The Broad | www.rtwgirl.com

Cindy Sherman’s Imitation Of Life Exhibit

Basquiat - The Broad Los Angeles | www.rtwgirl.com

Eyes And Eggs by Jean-Michel Basquiat

The Broad Museum | www.rtwgirl.com

Reflections – Jeff Koon’s Rabbit

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room | www.rtwgirl.com

A Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room Selfie

After visiting The Broad my friend had to catch her flight back home and I had to beat rush hour traffic back south to San Diego. So I dropped her off at LAX and I was on my way. The trip went by so quickly but it was a perfect 2 day Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway!

Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway | www.rtwgirl.com

Have you done a Los Angeles Girlfriend Getaway with your crew? What do you recommend?

**Disclaimer: Many thanks to The Broad and LACMA for my complimentary admission. As always, opinions stated are my own.

*Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you for my referral. I only ever recommend services that I have used myself. The support is always appreciated but never expected and helps with the running costs of this blog.*

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