Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas: The Best Thai Restaurant In America

Roast Duck Massaman Curry Lotus of Siam Thai Resaturant, Las Vegas
Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas soon? Eat at Lotus of Siam!! 

After coming to Las Vegas for nearly a decade of work, I finally made my way to the very famous Lotus of Siam. I have heard about it for years from Yelp and from friends who frequent Vegas but I never had the time to venture off the Strip when I would travel for work. I was determined to make it there this trip and I was desperate for a great Thai meal since travelling to Thailand ruined eating Thai food in America for me.

I had a rental car for this particular work trip so when I found out that my friend Rich also wanted to try Lotus of Siam, I enthusiastically offered to drive us. We ventured over there at 5:30 in hopes to avoid a long wait or possibly be denied a table. The restaurant was just recently featured on Top Chef and I was sure that it had become even busier. We drove to the mini-mall on East Sahara Boulevard where the restaurant is located. It’s very nondescript on the outside other than a neon green sign that says “Lotus of Siam”. With all the rave reviews and accolades you would think that it would be this fancy place, but it isn’t. I loved it even more!




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Once we arrived, we were seated right away and given massive menus to go through. I started feeling overwhelmed and wished that we had more companions so we could order more food to try. We had taken a few mental notes from Chowhound and Yelp and dove into the menu. In the end, we asked our server what he recommended and went with those choices.

Lotus of Siam Crispy Rice | www.rtwgirl.com

Nam Khao Tod

We ordered:
  • Nam Khao Tod for $7.95 (shown above). It is minced sour sausage with green onion, fresh chilli, peanuts, crispy rice and lime juice. It was delicious but if I were to go back I would try out other different appetizers.
  • Roast duck curry for $8.95 (see photos below). The roasted duck curry is a combination of duck, pineapple, bell pepper and tomato in a red curry base with a touch of coconut milk. I usually get red curry but we asked the server what he recommended and he said massaman curry.
  • Drunken noodle with prawns for $8.95. The drunken noodle is pan-fried flat wide white noodle with fresh and dry chilli, Thai basil served on a bed of green. A lot of blogs and reviews mentioned sea bass but we chose the prawns, which were amazing. The meat of the prawn was pulled out and the shell was battered and deep-fried for eating as well (see below).

Roast Duck Massaman Curry Lotus of Siam Thai Resaturant, Las Vegas

Roast Duck Curry

Drunken Noodles With Prawn Lotus of Siam Thai Resaturant, Las Vegas

Drunken Noodles with Deep Fried Prawns

Drunken Noodles With Prawn Lotus of Siam Thai Resaturant, Las Vegas

Deep fried Edible Prawn Shell

I like my food semi-spicy but Rich doesn’t, so we asked what level of spicy should we order. The server said 3. I thought that was too low but it was perfect for my palate. I’d say it seemed more like a 5, Rich definitely agreed. Haha. If I hadn’t had a snack 30 minutes before we arrived, I would have ordered another dish to try. I really wanted to get more but I just couldn’t force any more food down. The service was on point and as we worked through our meal, the restaurant started getting busier by the minute.

Overall I really loved our meal at Lotus of Siam. It definitely lived up to all the hype in my mind. The only bad thing about Lotus of Siam is that it is in Las Vegas and I don’t live there. If you planning a trip to Las Vegas, I highly recommend going to Lotus of Siam. Even if you don’t have a car, it’s worth the taxi ride.

Lotus of Siam
953 E. Sahara Ave A5, Las Vegas NV 89104
(702) 735-3033

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