Mail Things Home While You Are Traveling: A RTW Trip Tip

Mail Things Home While On RTW Trip |
Are you accumulating things on your extended trip? Mail things home!

Wondering what to do with things you buy or accumulate on your extended trip or round the world trip? One thing that I did a handful of times on my round the world trip was mail things home. It may not be included in some of your budgets but it’s vital in the long run to keep your bag from weighing you down. I probably could have saved on weight by having a backpack but I have a very bad back and wasn’t traveling to places that were too off the grid where a suitcase would be a pain in my you know what. Another factor may be that some of you no longer have a home or mailing address. Perhaps you can mail things home to a good friend or family member who won’t mind holding a package.

Mail Things Home While On RTW

When you travel, you buy things on the road. You buy souvenirs, you buy clothing or shoes on sale that you can’t resist, etc. You also find that you’ve packed things that you no longer need. I was in Europe for the winter and had sweaters, a jacket, and heavy socks. I was heading to Australia in February and then southeast Asia after that so I no longer needed winter gear. I ended up donating some of my sweaters and winter clothes to friend Kori who was studying in London but other items I mailed home (there was a sale on Baxter jeans at Top Shop!). I also mailed things home from Melbourne. I realized that it was going to be very hot in Asia so I didn’t need a lot of the things I packed. In the UK, there wasn’t a boat shipping option but in Melbourne, there was that option. Some items I bought I didn’t need for a while and I didn’t know when I was coming home so shipping via boat (can take up to 6 months) was the best because it was the cheapest. Malaysia was really cheap to ship via boat to North America.

So if you’re planning extended travel, remember you have the option to mail things home. Your bag and wallet (to cut down on check-in bag fees) will thank you.


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