A Morocco Packing List For Women: What To Pack And Wear In Morocco

Bahia Palace - Marrakech | www.rtwgirl.com

Are you heading to Morocco and not sure what you should bring for your trip? Last fall 2016 I went over for just over two weeks to do a road trip around the country and wanted to share my Morocco packing list. Of course, everyone is different especially when it comes to style but I thought this would be helpful in case you need some ideas.

My Morocco Packing List: 


Morocco Packing List: What To Pack And Wear In Morocco | www.rtwgirl.com

My Morocco packing list tech wise:

  • Unlocked iPhone (call your cell phone company to unlock your phone) – I bought a local Moroccan SIM card to use for calling riads and random internet needs. I have T-Mobile but Africa is not included in my free worldwide data.
  • I brought my MacBook Air because my iPhone 6 was being funny so I wanted to be sure I could communicate with the riads that we had booked plus taking so many photos I try to upload my images to my Dropbox
  • Universal travel plug – Morocco uses similar plugs to Europe
  • Travel power strip – always because I bring so much gear!
  • Cameras: I brought my GoPro, my DSLR, and mirrorless Sony – I couldn’t take enough photos in Morocco!
  • Don’t forget all of your charging cords!!!
  • For the Sahara specific, check out my Sahara packing list by clicking here.

Morocco is a Muslim country so you will see women wearing hijabs. This, of course, is not expected of foreigners but I do want to be respectful. September was quite hot still so I wanted to make sure my clothing was lightweight yet gave me full coverage. I did wear some short sleeve and a sleeveless top but I had my Balinese sarong which acted as a scarf/shawl when I felt like I should cover up. I did see foreigners wearing tank tops, short dresses and skirts, which of course is fine, I’m not judging. But since I definitely look like a foreigner, I prefer to be a bit more incognito. I did not have any problems with being harassed and I know it is due to being properly dressed.

Here are some photos of what I wore during my trip for ideas: 

Marrakech shopping - Morocco Itinerary | www.rtwgirl.com

Exploring the souks of Marrakech at night – black dress over leggings

Synagogue Lazama in Marrakech | www.rtwgirl.com

In the mellah in Marrakech – sarong over my shoulders

Bahia Palace - Marrakech | www.rtwgirl.com

At Bahia Palace in Marrakech

Moroccan Cooking class with Khadija's Kuzina | www.rtwgirl.com
Hot and messy at a cooking class in Essaouira at Khadija’s Kuzina
Carpet shopping in Essouira | www.rtwgirl.com

Shopping for carpets in Essaouira

Morocco Packing List: What To Pack And Wear In Morocco | www.rtwgirl.com
road to nowhere – jk in Skoura on the way to Merzouga
GoPro Sahara Desert Selfie at Erg Chebbi - Morocco | www.rtwgirl.com
Wearing a caftan I bought in Marrakech in the Sahara 
What To Pack For An Overnight In The Sahara Desert | www.rtwgirl.com
Riding dirty! Camel ride back to Merzouga 
Morocco Packing List: What To Pack And Wear In Morocco | www.rtwgirl.com
All white in the blue city of Chefchaouen
Chefchaouen Morocco | www.rtwgirl.com
I bought this all-white caftan in Marrakech. Perfect for the Blue City of Chefchaouen

Let me know what you think of this Morocco Packing List in the comments!

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