Non-Negotiable Items: 5 Things I Do Everyday Without Fail

Non-Negotiable Things I Do Every Day

In the last few years, I have been focused on getting healthy and becoming a better version of myself daily. There are a handful of non-negotiable things I do every day without fail. Without doing these things, I can’t function properly. It almost seems as though my day does not go as well if I don’t.

My list of daily 5 non-negotiable things I must do 

#1: Drink Water

In the past, I was not a big water drinker. In fact, I always drank juice and soda growing up. I didn’t like drinking water at all. Only since I started exercising regularly, getting healthy, and working on clearing up my skin have I started drinking a lot of water.

Last year I started tracking my daily intake with an app (My Water App – free version) and I’m now drinking around half to a gallon a day. When I get up, I head to the kitchen and while I’m making coffee I drink an 18-ounce glass of hot water and lemon. Water is such a non-negotiable.

Helpful tips:

  • When I remember to drink water I chug a full glass or two to so I hit my water goals
  • I stop drinking water around 7 pm or else I’m going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 
  • Water used to not taste that good to me but now I add a bit of lemon or other flavours like cucumber and mint or other citrus and herbs.

Non-Negotiable Things I Do Every Day




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#2: Make My Bed

My morning routine looks like this: I get up, go to the kitchen to boil water for coffee and water, while water is boiling I head back to my bedroom to open the window to let in fresh air and light. Then I make my bed. If my bed isn’t made I feel like I am completely disorganized for the rest of the day. It’s the centrepiece in my room so why wouldn’t I want it to be made and clean?!

Non-Negotiable Things I Do Every Day

This isn’t my bedroom but I love all white bedrooms & bathrooms. Photo cred: GlitterInc

#3: Exercise 

While this wasn’t a big part of my life until 3 years ago, now I can’t go without daily exercise. It is probably my biggest non-negotiable. I don’t train every day but I do tend to go to the gym 6 days a week. One day is reserved for yoga and I try to walk 10,000 steps a day.

While my original intention for exercise was to lose weight and look nice in a bikini, I do it now for other reasons. It helps clear my head, releases stress, helps with my anxiety and I have one hour to myself that is strictly for me and no one else. A tighter butt and toned arms are the bonus ;p

If you are trying to lose weight or get healthy and don’t know where to start, my biggest advice is to just start. Schedule 4 workouts a week. Walk every day. You don’t have to go to a gym. You can do so much in a small bedroom or apartment.

Everyone’s life is so different and I know it’s not always possible to make that time but if you have 10-20 minutes, it will make a difference. Just move every day somehow and I swear you will get to a place where exercise will also become a non-negotiable for you. 

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#4: Use Sunscreen

I admit that I am an ex-sun worshipper. I still love myself a nice tan but I prefer less wrinkles and sun damage on my face. My late mother always stayed out of the sun and protected herself from the sun’s rays and she looked fabulous into her 70s. Since the late 90s, I have used a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 but now I’m even more stringent about wearing sunscreen especially since I live in California.

We have to remember the sun is still there on cloudy days too. So every morning as part of my morning skincare routine, I put on sunscreen. I wear body lotion with built-in sunscreen. My car and purse have sunscreen inside of them. Don’t laugh but I’m even thinking about getting an old Asian lady visor to cover my face (edit: check!) 

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#5: Think Of One Thing I Am Grateful For Or Remind Myself How Far I’ve Come

After losing my husband and both parents in a span of 6 years it’s easy to feel fall into a deep spiral of sad thoughts and feel sorry for myself. I will admit that it can still be tough and grief comes at me on some days like a pile of bricks. It’s also easy with social media to compare ourselves to others and get down on ourselves. Social media is great and horrible at the same time.

One thing that helps me daily is to remember how far I’ve come in my journey. Thinking of one thing every day that I am thankful for has helped too. As an example, today I am grateful for anyone who comes to my blog and has found it useful in any way. I don’t do it for money that’s for sure. But helping people in some manner whether it be about travel or life makes me happy. 

Some other items I am working on to make a daily non-negotiable:

  • Meditation
  • Eating better
  • Getting off my phone more 
  • Nighttime skincare routine
  • Foam roll

What are your daily non-negotiables? Leave it in the comments!


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