RTW Trip Tip: A Packable Duffle Bag

Packable Duffel Kathmandu | www.rtwgirl.com
Looking for some RTW trip tips? Pack a packable duffel bag! 

People always ask me questions like what should I pack for their RTW trip or an extended trip? One of the many things I learned from traveling for so long was to bring a packable duffel bag. It was very handy several times on my round the world trip so I recommend others to pack one as well.

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When I was in Melbourne, Australia, I bought a packable duffel bag at an outdoor store called Kathmandu. Having a duffel was ideal when I would go on little side trips for a few days. I’d often leave my bigger bag with family or friends or check it into storage at my accommodations (many will let you leave it with them for free or a nominal fee) and bring my small duffel. It was very handy to have one when I was flying low-cost carriers like Air Asia and didn’t want to check in my big suitcase and pay the baggage fees. I used one when I was traveling through the islands in the Philippines, going on side trips around Australia, and to the Gili Islands and Ubud in Indonesia, and when I shopped too much in Tokyo on the way home to the USA.

Here is the packable duffel bag I personally used as well as some others that might suit you! 
Kathmandu which is like REI of Australia

Packable Duffle Katmandhu

Packable duffel from Kathmandu in Australia

Bring Packable Duffel On Extended Trips | www.rtwgirl.com  

This is what it looks like when it’s all packed up! Tiny!

Here’s one by Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Duffel | www.rtwgirl.com
Click here to buy this one by Eagle Creek

A Packable Duffel By Herschel

Herschel Packable Duffel

Click here to buy this duffel by Herschel

Do you bring extra bags when you travel? Share some tips with me and my readers in the comments! 

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