West Coast Road Trip Stop: Some San Jose Time

Fairmont San Jose | www.rtwgirl.com

Today’s post is about San Jose, my first stop on my what seems to be annual West Coast road trip. I stopped here last year and I stopped, here again, to visit with and stay with my friend Cassie and her husband Kevin of Ever In Transit.

The drive from SoCal to San Jose is not too bad. This year I was started in Carlsbad because I was dog sitting for friends. I started driving on the 5 from Carlsbad, then headed west to the 101. I had some intention to take the 1 and go to Big Sur but that is a really big detour. I think I’m going to attempt on the way home. I stopped into Salinas for a quick hello with my buddy Bernard from Acquired Mag and then I went off on to Cassie and Kevin’s. They are always so kind to host me and I love hanging out with them so I’m always stoked to visit on my road trips.

I had originally only planned to stay a night with them but Cassie got invited for an overnight at The Fairmont in San Jose and asked me if I wanted to join her for a sleepover. I love Fairmont Hotels, so of course, I agreed! We went over, planted ourselves by the pool and another travel friend Abby joined us for drinks. Abby and I had been following each other on social media for a while so it was nice to finally meet. She’s hilarious so we all had a great time sipping on drinks poolside.

Check out these photos from my time in San Jose:

Fairmont San Jose | www.rtwgirl.com

Oh yes!! Thanks, Fairmont SJ for hosting us for a little girl time!

Fairmont San Jose Robe Selfie With Cassie

I have this thing for robes & I may have also forced Cassie to put hers on and take a duckface with me

Philz Coffee San Jose

A little caffeinating at Philz one of my favorite Bay Area coffee shops/roasters

Cassie brought me to the San Pedro Square Market for dinner. The market is in downtown San Jose and it’s a cool little spot for grabbing eats. There’s a brewery there and a wine bar so you can definitely go there for a drink or two and eat food with buds. We went on a Friday night so it was popping! I had a burger from Konjoe which is an Asian inspired burger spot.

San Pedro Market Vino Vino

We stopped in for a glass of wine at Vino Vino while we waited for Cassie’s husband and pal

Konjoe Burger San Jose

My Konjoe burger: beef w/ fried egg, caramelized onions, pickled jalapenos, cheese, konjoe sauce

We probably would have done more while I was in San Jose but Cassie and Kevin introduced me to Silicon Valley the tv show. I don’t always get to watch tv because I don’t have cable but when I get access to it, sometimes I like to zone out. We had a marathon and watched the whole first season and part of season two. It’s so hilarious and so Silicon Valley. The show is produced by the Mike Judge who did Office Space. So basically genius!

A couple of nights in San Jose with good travel friends, good food, and even an unplanned girls getaway at a nice hotel. Can’t hate that! Oh, and when I return we’re going to check out this thing called Cougar Night at the Rosewood in Menlo Park Sounds intriguing. Haha.

 **Special thanks to Cassie and Kevin for always hosting me. Give their blog a follow by clicking here. Special thanks to Fairmont San Jose for hosting me along with Cassie on her overnight. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.**

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