RTW Flashback: 3 Years Ago Pre Trip, 2 Years Ago In London

It’s crazy to think that almost 3 years ago, I was leaving for my round the world trip. When I think about this exact time, I was down to the wire. I was in San Diego maniacally preparing and packing. I had done my research, made lists, checked things off, and then repeated. In hindsight, I’d definitely change some things up but it’s really hard to be perfectly prepared for any kind of long-term travel like that. That’s the one thing I can share with anyone preparing for a round the world trip or long-term travel:

    As much as you can prepare, you will never be fully prepared!

I know I have my lists and notes somewhere and since we’re rounding the anniversary of my departure, I’ll start sharing a lot more from my RTW with personal memories, packing tips, recommendations, travel information, and of course photos.

Here are some photos that I found on my hard drive pre-RTW of pre-packing:

Toiletry Bag RTW

This is an old toiletry bag that I used to store meds and personal items

I used to wear daily disposables and I decided I would do the same for my RTW. It took up a lot of room in my bag but I didn’t want to deal with solution, cleaning, finding solution in foreign places, etc.

Disposable Contacts RTW Said contacts

 I compartmentalized everything. I used a hanging toiletry case and I recommend that because counter space is pretty slim in many accommodations. I’ll do a separate post about what was actually in my pre-RTW bag next week.

Toiletry Bag RTWEverything had to be in a case so I could find them easily or make a mental note that I repacked it.

Flip Flops RTW Flip Flops, a life and travel must

2 years ago on my RTW in London:

I met some fun travelers when I was in Asia and by the time I got to Europe, I was lucky enough to have many of my travel friends host me. In London I stayed with friends G and Kori. We all met in Bali in a hostel and eventually life happened and they became roommates. I was traipsing about Europe and G was kind enough to let me stay at his flat in South London. It was a bonus that Kori was roommate.

Kori & G Kori and G

Kori, G & BenKori, G and I even had a reunion with another Bali hostel friend Ben. He flew in from Jersey, not New Jersey

I love that photos can help me go back to an exact moment in time. On this exact day I took these photos while exploring London:

Piccadilly CircusPiccadilly Circus

St James Park RTWSt. James Park

Buckingham Palace RTWBuckingham Palace. I may have looked for that bad boy to party

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since the start of my RTW. Time flies. Is there anything from my RTW that you’re interested about? I’m always looking for post content topics and I would really like to help anyone who’s researching.

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