A Simple And Tasty Recipe For The Best Guacamole

Guacamole Recipe
Do you love guacamole? I do!!

In a previous post, I wrote about how I don’t always eat out when I travel. I will often buy groceries and prepare/cook food if I have access to a kitchen. I live in southern California so I eat and have also learned to cook a lot of Mexican food. One thing I can make pretty well is guacamole. I actually used to despise avocados but something happened in the last few years and now I am addicted to avocados!





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When I stay with friends, I will offer to cook a meal as a thank you and Mexican food tends to be my go-to cuisine of choice. It’s relatively fast, cheap, and easy. And who doesn’t like Mexican food? It can actually be very healthy and clean!

There are a lot of variations to making guacamole. It’s very personal. I don’t like to add garlic and a lot of things to it. I try to keep it really simple.

Here’s how I prepare my guacamole:

  • Take 2 ripe avocados – remove pits, dice, chopped and mash with a fork
  • Take a big handful cilantro leaves and stems (fresh coriander) and chop it, and then add to mashed avocado
  • If you like heat, take a jalapeno or Serrano chilli, chop it, and add – don’t touch your eyes, especially if you wear contacts
  • I like to add in red onion – chop it into small dice, and add in
  • Add a pinch of salt – to taste
  • Throw in some cumin
  • I like to add a pinch of garlic powder
  • Add in the juice of one half to one whole lime. If you don’t have a tool to juice citrus, cut the citrus in half and take a fork to it to help squeeze out the juice. I love my guacamole really limey. How much is up to you!

*If you want to add minced garlic or tomatoes, that’s cool too. Add whatever you feel like!


Mmmm avocado! Dice it up and then mash it in a bowl

Serrano Peppers

I love things to be hot and spicy!


Chop everything up and stir it together!

Guacamole Recipe

And the final product!

I may add more recipes I learn from my travels or easy recipes I make on the road. I hope this is something you will enjoy!!

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Guacamole Recipe

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