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**The links shared here in my shop are affiliate links. There is no extra cost to you for purchasing these items but I do make a minuscule commission if a purchase is made. I stand by all of my recommendations and would only share what I consider to be the best for my friends, family, and readers. Thank you for supporting this site!**

My Go To Travel Products

So my dear friends…I have made this little “shop” where I  share the products, gear, and gadgets I love the most. As a traveller, I am constantly testing out new products and gear to see what works best for my style of travel. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years or have been lucky enough to connect with brands and companies that make things that are built to last and work for people who love to travel as much as we do. 


Travel Shop

I’m a huge gadget and gear lover so it’s no secret that I lug around a lot of gear when I travel. All these items I have tested and tried out and am quite happy with. So these always get packed on my trips!

Round The World Girl Shop - iphone 7 plus |

iPhone 7 Plus – I recently upgraded to the 7 Plus and I love it. I almost just carry this exclusively for everything. I wrote some tips for small handed owners here.

Pop Socket |

Pop Socket – Since my hands are small, I use this gadget to hold my iPhone comfortably. I like it better than rings


travel products |

Lifeproof Waterproof iPhone Housing – I love being in the water and around the water so protecting my iPhone is a must with Lifeproof

Monster 2 Go Travel Power Strip – I always need to charge so much gear so a travel power strip always comes in handy

Anker Portable Battery For Smart Phones, Tablets, Action Cameras  – my phone always runs out of battery so this is a must

Sudio Regent Headphones – important for long bus/train/plane rides, also keeps out the noise. Use my discount code SUDIORTWGIRL to get 15% off!

GoPro Hero 4 Silver – the screen on this is great for setting up shots!! This is my favourite GoPro model!

Sony RX100M3 – I am not really lugging around my DSLR anymore and this shoots awesome video too! For more about why I love this camera, check out this post I wrote here.

 For Packing

travel products |

Packing Cubes – I’ve been a fan of packing cubes since my round the world trip. I wrote about them here.

Compression Bag – I have been using these as of late and I’m loving them as well. I recently used this on a carry-on luggage only trip and loved it. But if you have clothes that easily wrinkle, it may not work.

Stasher Bags – In order to be nice to the environment I am trying to use less Ziploc and one-time use bags. I came across the brand Stasher which makes silicone zip bags for food and other uses

Stasher Bags

Carabiner – I used to get carabiners in gift bags and I never really understood the greatness. Then I started travelling a ton and clipped one on my bag to hook my water bottle. Now I’m hooked. I have another one hanging on my purse so I can clip my keys to the outside so I’m not fishing for it later. They really are amazing and useful things. 

Carabiner |

My Go To Fitness Products

If you follow along on social media or have read this blog post, you know that fitness has become a big mainstay in my life. Becoming and staying healthy has been a priority and these products I have tested and use all of the time. 

Fitness Shop

Resistance Bands – I’m a huge fan of using resistance bands in my training sessions and when I travel. It adds an element of resistance to any kind of exercise making it harder or challenging. I’ll use them when I’m on the stair mill, to warm up, while I’m doing weights. I use them all session long! 

X Bands Resistance Bands |

Jump Rope – Not just for kids on the schoolyard, jumping rope has become a regular part of my fitness routine. It is definitely challenging but it is an amazing way to burn calories and you can seriously do this anywhere! So perfect for travelling! I started out using cheap ropes but now I’ve moved on to a nicer rope by Buddy Lee

Buddy Lee Jump Rope |

Towel – I always bring a sports towel when I work out. I admit it! I get really sweaty! My last gym provided towels but not the ones I attended recently. So I have been using a sports towel that I actually carried with me on my round the world trip. It’s lasted me this long and still in great shape! It’s by Sea To Summit!

Sport Towel |


Polar Heart Rate Monitor – I never workout with my heart rate monitor (unless I have forgotten it at home or the battery died unexpectedly. It has definitely given me a real view of how hard I am working! I’m a big fan of HIIT so wearing my HRM gives me the real scoop. The machines at the gym don’t give an accurate measure and neither do wearables unless they have a chest strap. I use the H10 model which is just a Bluetooth chest strap and use an app on my phone to track my heart rate on the Polar app.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor |


Sudio Tre Earbuds – I am one of those kinds of people who cannot exercise without music. I need music to help block out overhead music systems in gyms, the sound of weights dropping, grunts, or other background noise. I use my Sudio Tres for every training session. Since I have gotten them, I can’t be without them. They block out most noise but I can still hear a little bit of what’s going on outside which is good if I’m walking or running on the streets. If you’re interested in them I have a discount code with Sudio (use discount code rtwgirl when checking out!)

Sudio Tre - Perfect Earbuds For An Active Lifestyle |

My Go To Beauty Products

Most of this blog is about travel so you may not know that I’m a beauty and skincare junkie. I love makeup and skincare. I have paired down quite a bit since before my round the world trip but I am still always on the hunt for the best products! 

Beauty Shop

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water – I discovered this makeup remover and facial cleanser while I was in Europe. It’s a favourite of women all over the world and I cannot be without it. It was not available in the US so I used to buy it in bulk in Canada but now it’s available! Yay! It is seriously the best make up remover. Sometimes even after I wash my face and then go over with Bioderma on a cotton ball and I still have makeup residue! 

Bioderma Sensibio Wipes |


La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo – You wouldn’t be able to tell so much from my photos but I have been plagued with acne most of my life. While it wasn’t horrible it always bothered me since I started getting zits in high school. I’ve used Retin A, birth control and lots of different acne skin products over the course of my life. In recent years, I have become reacquainted with the brand La Roche Posay. Effaclar Duo is amazing and I cannot be without it. It was not available in the US and of course, I stocked up in Canada but now you can find it in Target and Walgreens. When I was over in Spain I picked up a few tubes because it is much cheaper over there. It has seriously helped my skin become clearer. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo |

Weleda Skin Food – I love this skin moisturizer. I read about in magazines and finally spent the money on it and it’s been a favourite ever since. I always use it to moisturize my hands and cuticles which get really dry and chapped from over washing. Once I use Skin Food it gets back to soft! 


Weleda Skin Food |

Neutrogena Hydro Boost – I have really oily skin and prone to breakouts so for most of my life I was afraid to moisturize. A beauty blogger friend introduced me to Neutrogena Hydro Boost and I’m a convert. It’s super light yet moisturizes my skin. Now I have fewer breakouts! Go figure. The tub lasts quite a long time so it’s worth its price! 

Fall 2016 Beauty Product Favorite : Hydro Boost Water Gel |

**The links shared here in my shop are affiliate links. There is no extra cost to you for purchasing these items but I do make a minuscule commission if a purchase is made. I stand by all of my recommendations and would only share what I consider to be the best for my friends, family, and readers. Thank you for supporting this site!**