Sahara Desert Photos + Video | An Overnight Camping Experience

GoPro Sahara Desert Selfie at Erg Chebbi - Morocco

Planning your trip to Morocco and considering a trip to the Sahara Desert?

When I was organizing my trip last year (2016) I knew that I wanted to ride camels and visit the desert. After the whole experience, it was my favourite part of my Morocco trip. Please enjoy my Sahara Desert photos and video below. Hopefully, it will inspire you to visit this gorgeous destination.

In Morocco, you can go to either Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga. There are other places that tours take you like Zagora but that isn’t actually the Sahara Desert. I wanted the full meal real deal. After asking locals and other friends who had been, we made the long journey to Erg Chebbi which is near the town of Merzouga. The trip was It was a stressful and exhausting 2-day journey in our rental car but my experience in the desert was unforgettable. I still can’t get over how amazing it was. I would do it again and spend a few days in the desert next time.




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Watch this 90-second video! Not too long!


 Prefer guided tours? Here are some by Viator


Enjoy my Sahara Desert photos!

Erg Chebbi

A GoPro selfie

Erg Chebbi - Morocco's Sahara Desert

My gear on my camel Sammy

Sahara Desert Morocco

Camel shadows - Sahara Desert Photos
Shadows in the Desert
Sahara Desert Photos
Follow the leader
Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi - Morocco's Sahara Desert
Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi
Watching the sunrise from the top of a dune
Erg Chebbi - Morocco's Sahara Desert
GoPro Sahara Desert Selfie at Erg Chebbi
Climbing to the top of a sand dune
Dune GoPro Selfie
Had to take a lot of selfies!
Erg Chebbi - Morocco's Sahara Desert

Our tents/sleeping quarters

Sahara Desert Photos
Sahara Desert Photos
love this baby palm tree
Sahara Desert Photos

Our guide Mohammed from Sahara Berebere, the tour company we used

I hope you enjoyed my Sahara Desert photos and GoPro video!


Erg Chebbi - Morocco's Sahara Desert

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