Seville Spain | A 24 Hour Travel Guide When You Only Have A Day

Real Alcazar de Sevilla |

Planning to visit Seville but only have 24 hours? No problem! To be honest, a day is definitely not enough but sadly that is all the time I had time for before I continued on to Morocco last fall. Here is my one-day travel itinerary for this gorgeous Andalusian city.

What To Do In Seville

Visit the Alcazar

The Royal Palace or the Alcazar de Seville is probably one of the most popular places in the city. I can’t recommend it enough. You can buy your tickets in advance but I managed to buy them the morning of. I spent around 4 hours there but I could have easily spent the whole day.

When I went, there was a line forming so my brother and I decided to go in right away. We were hoping to buy our tickets and go later when the rain died down but the lady at the door said we couldn’t do that. We hadn’t even had breakfast but luckily there’s a cafe inside. In the cafe were able to have coffee,  tortilla, and pastries. We also found shelter there because it was raining!

Real Alcazar de Seville | rtwgirl

The line forming outside to get into the Alcazar

Real Alcazar | rtwgirl

Real Alcazar de Sevilla | rtwgirl
Real Alcazar | rtwgirl

Real Alcazar | rtwgirl
Real Alcazar de Seville | rtwgirl
Real Alcazar de Sevilla | rtwgirl

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Visit the Catedral de Seville

By the time we were done at the Alcazar, there wasn’t much time for a visit inside the cathedral. It’s supposed to be amazing inside but I had already visited so many churches in my first few weeks in Spain, I was okay to miss one. I’m sure I’ll be back so I’m leaving it for another visit. The outside is pretty epic too though!

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Walk over to Las Setas de Sevilla – Metropol Parasol

Another place I had seen photos of was Las Setas (or Metropol Parasol). My brother and I walked from the cathedral and followed my directions on Google Maps. We walked through a shopping area (not sure of the name) but we popped into a few shops en route.


Las Setas de Sevilla are wooden structures where you can get amazing views of Seville. There is a restaurant here as well as a little museum in the basement. 

Metropol Parasol

Las Setas De Sevilla

Visit Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana is a plaza that was built for the World’s Fair in 1929. It’s located in Parque de Maria Luisa. It’s a must-visit! Our visit was later in the day and I timed it so that the sun was setting and the light wasn’t so bright. It was perfect.

Plaza de Espana
Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana

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Plaza de Espana de Seville
Where To Stay 

Because we had a rental car and were driving to Morocco after Seville, I was keen on finding a place that had parking. Friends who have travelled to Seville told me that parking can be quite tough and found similar comments online. Luckily, I found an Air Bnb that had excellent ratings and included parking!

While we were exploring, we left the car at the apartment building and used the metro. It is very easy to get around. My brother and I both had data on our mobiles so we had no problem using Google Maps. 

Air BnbHow To Get Around

Parking in Seville was going to be difficult so we left our car at our Air Bnb and just took the metro and walked. It's easy!

Seville Metro
Seville Metro

What To Eat

Normally when I plan the food portion of my trips I seek out recommendations and do a lot of online research. Because I only had 24 hours in Seville and was travelling with my brother who is not into food like I am, we just walked around and found places on the fly. My friend Vanessa told me about a cool restaurant but I had read that there were lines and a wait and my brother wasn't into that.

We did eat right by the cathedral and even though it's touristy, the food at Bar La Catedral was pretty good. Normally I avoid restaurants close to or on the tourist path but we were starving. After spending so much time in the Alcazar we ordered several tapas to share. The sardines and the prawns were delicious. 

Breakfast in Seville | rtwgirl

Breakfast at the Alcazar's cafe while it was raining 

 Lunch at Bar La Catedral In Seville
Tapas at La Catedral near the Seville Cathedral

Overall we still managed our activities well with the time we had. When we drove into Seville, we drove over Puente de Alamillo, a bridge by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It was at night so I was unable to take a photo. He is my favourite architect so I would love to go there in the day to shoot photos of the bridge.  There are so many things to do in Seville but with 24 hours, I think we covered the main sites!

Have you been to Seville? What do you suggest I do for my next visit!? 


How To Spend 24 Hours in Seville Spain | rtwgirl

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a commission.**

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