Smooth Feet: How To Get Your Feet In The Best Shape For Summer

Smooth Feet: How To Get Your Feet In Summer Sandal Shape

Smooth feet. Full disclosure: My feet are not so smooth right now. Sometimes they are but right now…no. In the winter when I am wearing socks and they are covered up they are smooth. But lately because of neglect, walking around barefoot all the time, and the constant pounding at the gym, I admit they are a bit dry and I even had a crack in them about a month ago. 

There are many causes of dry feet like genetics, health issues, etc. and I won’t get into that in this post but I do know that with upkeep and care you can work towards having smoother feet. My friend Des has the softest baby feet ever and I basically snagged these tips from her! 

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Here are some tips for smooth feet: 

Moisturize Your Feet A Lot

I am not always on top of staying moisturized but when I do, my feet are soft and supple. My current moisturizer is coconut oil by Kopari. I was using a foot moisturizer by a Spanish brand called ISDIN but it’s only available in Spain and quite pricey to buy online. I believe it’s around 15€ and to order on Amazon it’s almost $40. It’s great if you happen to be in Spain but there are other options and more budget-friendly ones at that. 

Smooth feet - Kopari
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I’m currently using a salicylic acid foot treatment from Spain (I was there for 3 months and found one for a few Euros at Mercadona). I use it to help exfoliate my calluses and dry parts of my feet. I have tried a lactic acid foot treatment by Amlactin with good results. 

Smooth feet - amlactin
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File Your Feet

Do you file your feet? It’s important to do this to get smooth feet because this exfoliates the dead skin off. Over the years, I have tried so many kinds of files. The Diamancel brand of files is very popular and I had one but have lost it in one of my many moves. One of my favourites which I bought nearly twenty years ago that I still have and use almost daily is one called Biosana Foot File by Gehwol. It was purchased at a beauty supply shop in Toronto and have had it since. It’s not gross because I clean and sanitize with every use. 

Smooth feet - Biosana foot file
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For a while, I was using a foot rasp (I’ve tried Ped Egg and other brands) or basically a cheese grater on my foot. At first, those things seem like they are life-changing but I find that they make your feet drier and you have to be constantly grating them and if you’re not careful you can cut yourself or draw blood. I no longer recommend using them anymore. 

A few years ago I bought an Emjoi Callus Remover. It’s basically a sander for your feet. My friend had one that was battery operated but I went and bought one that had a plug. I think using one of these is much better than a foot rasp but I have also stopped using this regularly. 

Emjoi |

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In my shower, I have a pumice stone and I use it every time I shower. Because I live in southern California, I walk around barefoot a lot. Even if I soap up my feet, the dirt does not always go away. Pumice stone to the rescue!! 

Socks or Slippers

Covering up your feet is much better for them than walking around barefoot. I know it’s a bit hard to do in the summer but always wear flip flops or slippers if you can. At night in the summer I still wear socks that I have cut the tops off of so my toes breath but my heels get moisturized! In the winter I used moisturizing socks like these.

Foot masks

I haven’t tried the brand Baby Foot but I have tried other foot masks that I have seen at Asian stores when I buy sheet masks. None of them are mind-blowing but they are fun to do. I am interested in trying Baby Foot but it is kind of pricey and I have heard mixed reviews from friends who have tried them. 

*Edit: I recently tried an exfoliating foot bootie mask by Miss Spa. It has glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and plant extracts. You slip your foot into a little bootie and then wear it for 90 minutes. It says not to manually exfoliate because your skin will peel. I wore the booties over my ankles so some of my skin peeled all the way up past my ankles. I had to use a soft exfoliating glove because it is sunny outside and I was worried about my fresh skin getting an uneven tan walking the dog (it has been too hot to wear socks and shoes). It took a couple of weeks for my feet to fully peel but they look amazing right now! If I did the bootie mask thing again I wouldn’t wrap them up so high.

Smooth feet - Miss Spa Exfoliating Bootie | #beauty

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What are your tips for smooth feet?!

Smooth Feet: How To Get Your Feet In Summer Sandal Shape | #beauty #rtwgirl

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a commission.**

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