Solo Traveler Photo Tips: Taking Photos When You Travel Alone

Solo Traveler Photography Tips

Looking for solo traveler photo tips? 

I am a solo traveler. I am single. I don’t have a boyfriend or husband who shoots my photos. I’m not a model who travels with my own professional photographer or team of photographers. Occasionally I will travel with friends or in a group with other journalists or travel bloggers but for the most part, I travel alone. When my mother was still alive she used to always say, “Please take a photo of yourself in it!! How do we know if you’re really there?” I don’t usually like taking photos of myself but lately, I have been including myself in my photos. Perhaps this is in honor of my late mother…I’m not sure. Perhaps a little bit of “photo or it didn’t happen”. I thought I would help to share some solo traveler photo tips and gear recommendations of what I use when I’m traveling alone.

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The most important part of taking good photos when you are a solo traveler is your gear. Lately, I have been toting along my tripod and shooting with my mirrorless camera as well as using my GoPro.

Solo Traveler Photo Tips For Selfies:

I know people frown upon selfie sticks but as someone who travels alone 90% of the time, I am okay with using them. I don’t use selfie sticks indoors like in a museum or in places that are packed with people. I tend to use them in desolate places. No shame in my selfie stick game!

When I take photos on my smartphone, I use the following gear:

xshot phone holder - solo traveler photo tips

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xshot - solo traveler photo tips
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Look for an app called Timer Cam if your phone doesn’t have a native timer.

Timer Cam app - perfect selfies and solo traveler photo tips

Sunshine Coast - solo traveler photo tips

Shot on my iPhone with Timer app and Xshot selfie stick

Oregon Coast Selfie - solo traveler photo tips

Drinking a coffee and selfie-ing on a desolate beach in Oregon

Elevator Selfie - solo traveler photo tips

There’s always the trusty mirror selfie

GoPro Big Sur Selfie - solo traveler photo tips

A GoPro Big Sur selfie

Want to take a proper non-selfie style photo? Use a mini tripod. They are a few bucks and you can use the attachment for your phone and stick on the tripod. I’m kind of loving shooting with tripods lately. Less blurry photos!

mini tripod - solo traveler photo tips

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When I shoot photos on my Sony or DSLR, I use the following gear:

If you have a bigger camera, get a heavier duty tripod like this one. I like that it’s a tripod and a monopod (to steady shots) in one.

mefoto tripod monopod - solo traveler photo tips

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Solo Traveler Photo Tips For Cameras:

Sony RX100M3: I love my mirrorless Sony. It’s almost pocket size but it packs a punch with photos, night photos, and video.


Sony RX100M3 - the best camera for solo travelers

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Rocky Mountaineer Selfie

Rocky Mountaineer train – shot on Sony RX100M3 mounted Xshot selfie stick using self-portrait timer

Haystack Rock Selfie

Cannon Beach, Oregon – shot on Sony RX100M3 in self-portrait mode, mounted on tripod

Wonderland by Jaume Plensa Calgary Selfie

Jaume Plensa’s Wonderland in Calgary – shot RX100M3 mounted on tripod

Sonora Resort |

Sonora Resort – shot on Canon 400D, mounted on tripod

Solo Traveler Photo Tips When Using A GoPro:

GoPro Hero 4 Silver: Great for action shots and photos in the water, at the beach, on the snow, etc.

GoPro Hero4 Silver - solo traveler photo tips

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GoPro 3 Way: Currently my favorite new accessory for my GoPro. I love that it’s a selfie stick, a stabilizer, and a tripod in one. It folds into itself and is compact! Great for solo travelers!

GoPro 3 way - solo traveler photo tips

Click to by the 3 Way

GoPro Timelapse Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest – Shot on GoPro in time lapse mode, set up on 3 Way tripod

GoPro Selfie Bandon, Oregon

Bandon, Oregon – shot on GoPro Hero mounted on Xshot selfie stick. I used burst mode

Cooks Chasm Oregon

Oregon Coast – shot on GoPro, mounted on 3 way and shot in time-lapse mode

Sonora Resort GoPro Selfie

Sonora Resort morning swim – shot on GoPro in time-lapse mode. Mounted on Xshot stick

Tilikum Bridge GoPro Selfie

Tilikum Bridge – shot on  GoPro Hero in time-lapse mode. Mounted on 3 Way

Solo Traveler Photo Tip – Ask Someone:

You can always ask someone! I tend not to because I will often get a photo that I’m not that happy with. Unless of course, you happen to run into a professional photographer.

Richmond Night Market -solo traveler photo tips ask a sranger

I think I asked a poor stranger to take this photo 10 times. I still had to crop and edit the photo to make it straight

solo traveler photo tips - ask a stranger

A stranger took this photo. I had to crop out their finger from the photo, so you can’t see the bunny’s feet

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Do you have any solo traveler photo tips to share? What is your preference?

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