Sonora Resort: 5 Reasons To Stay At This Canadian Eco-Luxury Resort

Sonora Resort |

When you hear the words “all-inclusive vacation” how does that make you feel? Personally, I visualize gargantuan resorts in tropical destinations with tourists fighting over pool loungers, mediocre food served at buffets, and many a sunburnt tourist. It gives me shivers but not in a good way. Prior to 2015, I had never been to an all-inclusive resort. I didn’t have any plans to go to one either, and then an invite to Sonora Resort happened. Everything I ever believed about all-inclusive vacations changed.



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Sonora Resort is an eco-luxury wilderness resort on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia. It is part of the Relais and Chateaux network, which is a global group of individually owned and operated luxury hotels and restaurants. The resort sits right on the water and is surrounded by evergreen trees. In order to get here, you must either take a helicopter from the Vancouver International Airport or a water taxi from Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

When we arrived at Sonora Resort we very genuine and friendly staff along with Vice President Sean Ross welcomed us. We were served snacks and a drink and given a rundown of the property. From there my experience was top notch until I disembarked the helicopter that took me back to Vancouver.

1. Luxury starts the minute you depart for Sonora Resort

Sonora Resort |

You get to Sonora Resort by helicopter and fly over the stunning coast of British Columbia

View from helicopter from Sonora Resort |

This is the kind of view you get from the chopper!!! Shot on my iPhone.

If this isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is. Flying in a helicopter gives you a better view of the landscape and flying over British Columbia’s coast in a chopper is an experience of its own.

2. The warm and genuine staff

Interacting with the staff at Sonora, you quickly learn that they value their jobs and they genuinely love working there. With every staff member I encountered, I didn’t sense the forced feeling of friendliness. It was really refreshing and made my experience there even better. Having happy staff really reflects how a property is and how much they value the people who are part of your experience. Kudos Sonora!

Sonora Resort |

Sonora staff members, all amazing!

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3. The food

As I mentioned before, prior to going to Sonora Resort I had never been to an all-inclusive resort. I imagined all-inclusive resort food to be served buffet style and of low calibre. Not here! Everything I ate was incredible and memorable. Top quality meats, freshly caught seafood, impeccably paired wines, and so forth. It is definitely one of my top dining experiences during a hotel/resort stay.

Sony RX100M3 Sonora Resort |

Steak sous vide

Sonora Resort |

Oyster heaven

Sonora Resort |

The local mussels OMG

Sonora Resort |

Tortellini soup within season spot prawns

Sonora Resort |

Macarons and lamingtons!

Sonora Resort |

A tasty and beautiful cocktail

4. The grounds

My suite was located in the Arbutus Lodge which had an ocean view room. I loved it and could have easily stayed forever! There’s a tennis court on the property along with a spa and swimming pool. There’s a fishing pond that is stocked with fish so you can “practice” before you head out on a boat. Oh and there’s sea life that lives right in the water so you know…you may see a whale or orca swim by!

Sonora Resort Arbutus Lodge |

I stayed in the Arbutus Lodge

Sonora Resort |

My suite with a view

Sonora Resort |

Hot tub time machine happened

Sonora Resort nightcap |

This definitely happened

Sonora Resort wild life |

Some of the seals that hang out in front of the resort

Sonora Resort |

So many quiet places to relax and get chilled out on the property

Sonora Resort morning view |

Another view from my suite

5. The amenities

There were so many amazing amenities at Sonora, I can’t even remember them now. The rooms are appointed with everything in mind: robes, luxury toiletries, top-shelf liquor and great wines. You can go fishing or have a marine tour and the boat guide we had had a masters degree in marine biology!!! Not some amateur!! No!!! There was a snack shack where you can grab snacks to take with you as you are heading out on excursions. I was a huge fan of that! We went snorkelling with salmon in Campbell River one day and flew via seaplane. Whatever you can imagine, they will make happen. It’s amazing! In the fall you can go on a tour to photograph grizzly bears!!! I love bears so hopefully one day I can return.

Sonora Resort room amenities |

I always appreciate nice toiletries during my hotel and resort stays

Sonora Resort activities |

One of the activities I did was snorkel with salmon with Destiny River Adventures

Sonora Resort morning swim |

Early  morning swim before I went out on the boat

Sonora Resort Snack Shack |

Before we left to go snorkeling and fishing we could grab snacks and drinks from the Snack Shack

Sonora Resort Snack Shack |

I’m thirsty!

More photos from my stay:

Sonora Resort sunrise |

How about this sunrise

Sonora Resort view |

Flying back from our snorkelling excursion via seaplane

Sonora Resort selfie |

I couldn’t get enough of the hot tub

Sonora Resort |

Boats on boats on boats

Sonora Resort fishing |

Someone went fishing and caught a salmon while staying at Sonora!

After having experienced such a luxurious stay, I would definitely reconsider staying at an all-inclusive resort or at least another Relais & Chateaux property. I have been invited to many resorts in places like Mexico but I don’t think any of them can hold a candle to somewhere like Sonora Resort. I know it’s not a tropical vacation but I can bet you a lot of money that your stay at Sonora Resort will be one of your favourite vacations ever.

Oh…and PS. The Canadian dollar sucks right now so hurry and stay here for a super bargain!

**Disclaimer: Many thanks to Sonora Resort for the unforgettable experience. As always, all opinions stated are my own.**


Sonora Resort |

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