Stella McCartney x LeSportsac: A Stylish Camera Bag

lesportsac x stella mccartney
Hey, Ladies!!! What kind of camera bag do you tote for travel?

I searched high and low for a stylish camera bag that I could use to tote my DSLR for my round the world trip. Everything was very tech or not very stylish. Carrying a backpack is not always the most ideal situation in foreign countries because it makes you look like a tourist aka target for thieves. I couldn’t find anything made for women that were a) big enough for my camera b) could serve as a bag for other purposes.

Cue my Stella McCartney for LeSportsac. It is stylish and sleek with pockets for extra batteries or chargers and a strap long enough so I could wear it cross-body style for safety. It wasn’t padded but I usually carried a cardigan and would wrap my camera and extra lenses in my cardigan. Wallet and other items fit as well. It was the perfect bag to take out for drinks, dinner and dancing as well. It’s no longer available but you can always keep an eye out on Ebay or Poshmark if you are keen on this particular model.

Lesportsac Stella McCartney - Stylish Camera Bag |
Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Canteen bag

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