Sudio Niva | Totally Wireless Fitness Earphones Review + Discount Code

Sudio Niva: Completely Wireless Earphones Perfect For Fitness

Are you looking for totally wireless earbuds for fitness or in general? I recently tested out the Sudio Niva model and wanted to share my thoughts.

Over the last couple of years, since I have been travelling all that much, I have focused on getting healthy. I go to the gym and train a lot. One thing I need when I’m at the gym is either music or a podcast to listen to. Which means I can’t go to the gym without headphones or earbuds. Sudio was kind enough to send over a pair of their brand new totally wireless earphones.  

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I put them to the test in my YouTube video (posted below). I wore them while jumping rope, doing different kinds of burpees, and general use around the gym. 



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Some specs for the Nivas from the Sudio website:

With its remarkably compact construction and 10m range, Nivå lets you free the sound. This true wireless model features Bluetooth 4.2 technology and 3.5 hours of battery life, all without overlooking Sudio’s distinct minimalist style. And while we’re on the topic of style, Nivå’s charging case doubles as a contemporary design piece that can go anywhere you do for an additional 4 charges – bringing total play time to a whopping 17.5 hours. So whether you’re out chasing adventure, or just moonwalking across the kitchen floor, do it without the wires.

Here is a photo of the Sudio Niva and its charging case

Sudio Niva: Completely Wireless Earphones Perfect For Fitness

My overall thoughts on the Sudio Niva

I like the fact that on the Niva there are no wires or random piece that hangs down from the ear like the Apple Airpods. Personally, I think the Airpods look really lame from a design standpoint which is surprising from Apple since everything else they make looks pretty sleek and cool. You don’t really notice the Sudio Niva and they are very subtle looking which I love. The Nivas come in their own carrying case which is also where you charge them. They are compact enough where I throw them in my gym bag and they don’t take up a lot of space. 

My ears are shaped a bit funny so not all earbuds fit inside my ear or pop out when I’m doing certain movements. The Niva comes with three different silicone ear inserts and I tested all of them. The best ones for me were the medium-sized ones. When I’m exercising, they don’t fall out which miracle really. I’ve tried so many different earbuds and headphones so it’s nice to have ones that look good and work well. 

I am not the biggest audiophile so I don’t know much about sound quality and all that but my music sounds great. I can still hear a little of the outside world which is good because I need to know if someone’s coming up behind me or near me. If you want something without very little outside noise while you train, I suggest the Sudio Regents which I have too and love. I use those when I’m on the plane or working in a cafe. I don’t like to use headphones in the gym because I get too sweaty with all the HIIT I do. 

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*Disclaimer: Thank you to Sudio for sending these headphones over to review. They were complimentary but I do not make any commission for my recommendation or you using my code. *

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